hidden cameras

Sandra S. Baron
The use of hidden cameras can result in a high probability for litigation and consequences with the law, and Sandra S. Baron goes into detail.
Duane Pohlman
Duane Pohlman shares his stories of using hidden cameras.
Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson questions the credibility of using hidden cameras to get a story.
Chris Heinbaugh
Chris Heinbaugh reveals his thoughts before, during and after a story using hidden cameras.
Charlie Thompson
Charlie Thompson goes inside his views on the use of hidden cameras.
Abi Wright
Abi Wright discusses the risks journalists face while trying to get a story.
History of the use of hidden cameras becoming a fad in TV news magazines.
David A. Elder
Neville L. Johnson
Brian A. Rishwain
David A. Elder, Neville L. Johnson and Brian A. Rishwain discuss the domination of the use of hidden cameras in network television news magazines. See footnote p336.
'Prime Time Live's' Flawed Report
Tom Shales
Tom Shales reflects on PrimeTime Live's undercover investigation of negligence of day care centers.
"Prime-Time Live" popularized the use of hidden cameras and local stations rely on them for dramatic, high-impact footage. Their prevalence has provoked debate over how and whether they should be used – and lawsuits.
Robert Lissit
Robert Lissit examines many different stories involving hidden cameras used in news media.
The Greatest Muckrakers Avoided Stunts
Paul Starobin
Paul Starobin argues against the use of hidden cameras in journalistic investigations.
“To Catch a Predator” is propping up NBC’s Dateline, but at what cost?
Douglas McCollam
A criticism of the hidden costs of the popular NBC Dateline series, To Catch A Predator
Jesse Wegman
A response to the suicide of Louis Conradt after being targeted by Dateline.
Deborah Potter
In the aftermath of the suicide of a man caught in the "Predator" trap, this piece questions the ethics of the popular Dateline series of reports.
Neal Conan
Talk of the Nation examines the ethics of To Catch A Predator, including the payment of sources and decoys, and the collaboration with Perverted Justice, a watchdog group.
Things went south for the parade of men who showed up at the undercover 'Predator' house thinking they would meet a young girl home alone
Chris Hansen
The last episode of To Catch A Predator
When 'To Catch a Predator' rented a multi-million dollar home on the Jersey shore, 28 men showed up -- sometimes two at a time.
Chris Hansen
Part two of the Ocean County, NJ To Catch a Predator episode.
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