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'At Home' in a Filthy Cage; Family Is Trapped in West Side's Jungle
Woody Klein
In the first installment to the "I Lived in a Slum" series, Woody Klein reports on his experience living in a leaky basement apartment in an Upper West Side tenement during a heavy rainstorm.
Sickening Story Unfolds in City's Blighted Areas
Robert H. Prall
This introductory article reports of the specifics of Woody Klein's one month stay in the city's worst slums - how he assumed a new identity and how he applied for housing aid.
Miguel is Trapped in Slum Jungle
Woody Klein
Woody Klein profiles a 19-year-old boy named Miguel who he met during his month spent living in the city's worst slums.
City Aids Admit Blight Is Gaining
Woody Klein
In this eighth and final installment of the NY World-Telegram and Sun's "I Lived in a Slum" series, Woody Klein reports on the reaction of city officials.
Robert H. Prall
A review of reader responses to Woody Klein's "I lived in a slum" series for the New York World Telegram and Sun.
Lack of Inspection Brings Squalor
Woody Klein
In this seventh installment of the "I Lived in a Slum" series, NY World Telegram and Sun staff writer Woody Klein reports on the shortage of New York City Health Department inspectors and how this contributes to poor housing conditions in the city's poorest neighborhoods.
Josiah Flynt
This article by Flynt concentrates on a tramp's primary means of transportation: the railroads. Flynt gives an account of a conversation he had with a railroad executive about the tramp problem. He also goes into detail about the centrality of rail-riding in a tramp's day-to-day life.
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