"Video shows 'Golden Hands,' a renowned pickpocketing expert; the 77-year-old has schooled hundreds of children in the art of theft; she says many of her pupils are on their way to Britainl
Ian Gallagher
To gain access to the secret world of these Bulgarian pickpockets, the Daily Mail on Sunday sent a team to Stara Zagora "posing as London criminals seeking to establish links with Roma groups ahead of January 1, when the UK border controls lapse."
Patrick Mercer, the MP forced to resign from the Tory party over the lobbying scandal, has officially declared a £2,000 payment he accepted from undercover journalists for work as a consultant.
Peter Dominiczak
Patrick Mercer declared the £2,000 that was given to him by undercover reporters posing as lobbyists.
James Dean
Video of The Times undercover investigation into London's Lloyds Banking group.
How the Poor Are Treated in Lambeth! The Casual Paper! "Old Daddy," The Nurse; The Bath! The Conversation of the Casuals! The Striped Shirt! The Swearing Club ! ! "Skiley" and "Toke" by Act of Parliament" ! The Adventures of a Young Thief! &c, &c, &c
James Greenwood
Greenwood's account in the Pall Mall Gazettte was so successful the work was later reprinted in pamphlet form. It has inspired any number of imitators. The serial originally ran January 12-15, 1866.
Mark Daly
Mark Daly, a BBC reporter, went undercover as a police officer to investigate racism within the London Police Department.
"The Report of our Secret Commission"
W.T. Stead
The second part of W.T. Stead's series on child prostitution
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