James O'Keefe's Predecessors, Their Stings, and Their Ethics
Joel Meares
Joel Meares revisits with CJR's take on some of the best known undercover stings of recent decades: The Chicago Sun-Times Mirage tavern expose, NBC Dateline's To Catch A Predator, Ken Silverstein's Turkmenistan sting, James O'Keefe's ACORN and Planned Parenthood exposes, Carmelo Abbate's gay priests of Rome on film, shuttered slaughterhouses, and Food Lion.
The Rites of Spring and the Cries of Foul
Myra McPherson
McPherson recaps the controversy during the Pulitzer Prize deliberations over the Chicago Sun-Times' Mirage tavern expose of 1978.
Many journalists, readers and scholars exhibit confusion concerning the nature and justification of deception.
Deni Elliott
Charles Culver
Deni Elliott and Charles Culver go in depth about what in fact deception is.
Edward Wasserman
Ed Wasserman describes the changes happening within the art of investigative reporting by giving a few examples.
Deirdre Carmody
Writer examines the questions raised by the major impact of the Mirage tavern series of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Responses of two members of the Pulitzer Board
Clayton Kirkpatrick
Gene Patterson
Clayton Kirkpatrick, then president of the Chicago Tribune, says yes and Gene Patterson, then president and editor of the St. Petersburg Times, says a qualified no to journalistic masquerade.
"Pickett's Charge/The View From Across the Street/In Loving Memory of a Real SOB"
Michael Miner
Former Chicago Sun-Times editor James Hoge's 2002 comment, looking back on the newspaper's Mirage tavern expose of 1978 under his leadership.
Chapter and verse on the Mirage findings and the government's response by the day the month-long series concluded.
Editorial decrying the misuse of on-duty firemen to sell tickets to a charity that supported the commissioner's marching band.
Editorial asssessing the opinion poll results.
Editorial urges the Mayor to investigate the management of the fire department.
"Mayor Denies Payoffs, Shakedowns Prevalent"
Michael Flannery
Karen Koshner
BGA calls for creation of a city ombudsman with the authority to investigate citizen complaints about city inspectors who are negligent or corrupt.
Pamela Zekman
Better Government Assn. calls on Mayor to investigate Fire Department after Mirage disclosures, such as that on-duty firemen were selling tickets during working hours for a charity for widows and orphans whose main beneficiary was the commissioner's marching band.
Editorial lauds Democratic leaders of the State Assembly for developing a strategy to attack state tax cheating.
Michael Flannery
The building commissioner defends his performance and asserts that corruption and negligence in his agency are not widespread.
Editorial chastizing the mayor's response to the Mirage investigation findings.
Pamelaa Zekman
Zay N. Smith
Four city sanitation workers are to be suspended for five days for accepting money to make illegal garbage collections at the Mirage.
Editorial pushes for state legislative commission to look into corruption scandal.
Michael FlanneryI
Pamela Zekman
Governor renews demand for a proposed legislative commission to investigate city licensing and inspection procedures.
Michael Flannery
Pamela Zekman
State revenue agents raid 21 locations and seize 78 unlicensed pinball and video game machines and jukeboxes, acting on information coming out of the Mirage series.
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