oil industry

"Louisiana Labor Camps Supply 'Warm Bodies' The Oil Business Needs; Laborers Often Earn Little Beyond Debt to a Camp; Life at a Halfway House; Some Citizens Defend System""
George Getschow
Part Two of George Getschow's "Dirty Work" series for the Wall Street Journal for which he lived and worked among oil industry day laborers. The series was a Pulitzer finalist in 1984.
"The Day Laborer's Toil Is Hard, Pay Minimal, Security Nonexistent; In Houston, the Jobless Fill Labor Pools That Retake Part of Each Day's Wage; The System at Krash Cabin"
George Getschow
Getschow lives the life of a day laborer in this,, part one of a two-part series for the Wall Street Journal, a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1983.
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