Entering Hospital Easier Than Exit
Michael Mok
In the seventh article, Mok describes the ordeal of convincing his psychiatrist to release him from Kings County psychiatric ward.
In Ward 33 Only Delusion is Bearable
Michael Mok
In the sixth installment of the "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Mok describes the condition of Ward 33 of Kings County psychiatric wing in detail. Like many of the other wards, it is overcrowded and houses a mixture of patients all together, from the depressed young to the old and depraved.
Outside World Helps Lessen Boredom
Michael Mok
In the fifth article of the "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Michael Mok describes the excruciating boredom he experienced during his eight day stay in the Kings County psychiatric ward. Despite all the problems he encountered there, he praises the ward's kitchen staff for their delicious food.
Crowds Turn Visiting Hour Into Bedlam
Michael Mok
In this fourth installment of his "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Mok describes the chaos of visiting hour at Kings County psychiatric ward.
Inmates sleep on floor, mutter, stare into corner
Michael Mok
In part two of the World-Telegram's series, Mok describes how he gained admittance to the hospital and his first impressions of the facility and its patients.
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