posed as Afghani

Matthieu Aikins
Akins went undercover with the border police at Spin Boldak. From Harpers website: "Originally from the December 2009 Harper’s Magazine. Now used for intelligence training in Afghanistan. As reported in the February 20, 2010 Washington Post: “KABUL — On their first day of class in Afghanistan, the new U.S. intelligence analysts were given a homework assignment. First read a six-page classified military intelligence report about the situation in Spin Boldak, a key border town and smuggling route in southern Afghanistan. Then read a 7,500-word article in Harper’s Magazine, also about Spin Boldak and the exploits of its powerful Afghan border police commander. The conclusion they were expected to draw: The important information would be found in the magazine story. The scores of spies and analysts producing reams of secret documents were not cutting it.”
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