posed as client

Edward R. Phelps, the Owner of the Legislature, Again in Albany
King Phelps of the Lobby Leaves Albany for the South; The Atmosphere Where "The World" Circulated Was Too Hot for Him; Assemblyman Crosby Calls for an Investigation of the Lobby; But His Resolutions Are Referred Because of Protests
follow-up on Bly's investigation of the Lobby in Albany with a sting on Edward Phelps.
"Ed" Phelps's Absurd Explanations About That Agreement to Bribe; He Was Trying to Catch 'Nellie Bly' All the Time; Why, Oh! Why, Then, Did He Give Written Memoranda and Hang About the St. James Hotel?; Talk of a Legislative Investigation; Why Not a Grand Jury Indictment In This County? Comments in This City and Albany
Part Two of Bly's pose as a client for the lobby king of Albany in her purported attempt to get a bill killed.
Edward R. Phelps Caught in a Neatly Laid Trap; Nellie Bly's Interesting Experience in Albany; How the Lobby King Contracts to Kill Bills for Cash; Dealing with Legislators as with Purchasable Chattels; Phelps Furnishes 'The World' with a List of Assembly Commissioners Who Are Bribable; His Agreement to Kill Assembly Bill No. 191 for $5,000; Afterwards Concludes to Take Less; The Check to Be Made Out to His Side Partner, J.W. Chesbrough; "I Have Control of the House and Can Pass or Kill Any Bill"; A Revelation of Baseness that Should Fill the State with Indignation; The Watch Here
Nellie Bly
Bly's expose of Albany's Lobby King, Edward Phelps, by posing as a prospective client who, on behalf of her husband's business, wanted to get a bill killed.
Ellen Bugher
Tony Horwitz
The News-Sentinel examined what happens at massage parlors, visitng four of the city's licensed facilities and found that in each case, the negative image fit. Fort Wayne, the paper found, there were two kinds of massages available in the town,
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