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"A Quack is Caught after Taking $500,000 from 35,000 Patients"
California quack-hunters tried for years to get Mrs. Ruth Drown, who has treated some 35,000 patients for nonexistent diseases, bilking them of more than a half a million dollars.
"An Agent Works Undercover to Get the Goods"
"They Grasped False Hopes to Save the Child's Eye"
Parents submit to a quack doctor in hopes of saving their child's eye without surgery.
"The Doctor Who Was Convicted of Murder - The Parents and the Little Girl Who Died"
Nellie Bly Narrowly Escapes Having Her Tonsils Amputated; Treated as a Charity Patient in the Throat, Skin and Ear Infirmaries; She Joins the Throngs of Poor Invalids and Finds Out How Free Medical Aid Is Dispensed; One Brusque Old Doctor Probes Her Throat and Nose and Wants to Perform an Operation; A Young Physician Tells Her Never to Wash Her Face With Soap; The Druggists' Big Profits; What She Saw and Heard
Nellie Bly
Nellie investigates the city's dispensaries for charity patients who are sick.
Frank Sutherland
Sutherland sends "his" medical records from time spent undercover at a mental hospital in Nashville to three professional psychiatrists, who comment on the unprofessional, incomplete recordkeeping done by the staff.
Frank Sutherland
Sutherland describes Christmas in Central State Psychiatric Hospital, where he was posing as a patient for a month, in order to expose the living conditions for patients at the unaccredited mental institution
Frank Sutherland
Sutherland's time spent undercover as a mental patient at Central State Psychiatric Hospital uncovers the influence aides at the institution have in the daily lives of its charges.
Frank Sutherland
The second piece in Sutherland's series on Central State Psychiatric Hospital, based on a month spent undercover as a patient there.
Frank Sutherland
The first piece in an undercover series based on Frank Sutherland's time spent posing as a patient at Central State, a psychiatric hospital, in Tennessee.
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