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Six Days in State Prison Through The Eyes of a 'Murderer'
Ben H. Bagdikian
Bagdikian goes undercover as an inmate in central Pennsylvania for six days, after three months of reporting on the prison system from the "outside."
Ben H. Bagdikian
The first article in the Shame of Prisons series is an overview if the major challenges and shortcomings of the American corrections system.
Ben H. Bagdikian
Ben H. Bagdikian's personal assessment of DC's corrections department, written at the conclusion of his series on the subject.
Ben H. Bagdikian
Looks at the then growing number of civil suits against prison administrators, and the conditions allegedly causing them.
Leon Dash
An article outlining and examining the effectiveness of various rehabilitation methods for prisoners in the District of Columbia corrections system, with a focus on halfway houses.
Ben H. Bagdikian
An article about the conditions of the juvenile prison system in the US, focusing on different theories of reform.
Ben H. Bagdikian
An article focusing on the condition of American Women's prisons and reformatories. The article covers the subject more generally than the headline and lede would suggest.
More "Undercover Student" letters
More letters to the editor in reaction to The Albuquerque Tribune's recent "Undercover Student" series, which sent 24-year-old reporter Leslie Linthicum to Eldorado High School as a 17-year-old senior for two weeks.
This is a transcript of a TV program called "Stopwatch" with John Andrews, on KGGM-TV, Channel 13, where Eldorado Principal Robert Daugherty discusses The Tribune's recent "Undercover Student" series.
The complete text of a statement released by Eldorado High School principal Robert Daugherty on the "Undercover Student" series by Albuquerque Tribune reporter Leslie Linthicum, who posed as a high school student for two weeks. He accuses Linthicum of betraying the trust of students, teachers and parents.
This editorial by the Albuquerque Tribune defends its "Undercover Student" series, where a reporter posed as a high school student at Eldorado High School for two weeks, against criticism of the local community.
Reaction swift on 'undercover student' series - from obscenities and insights to hoorays
Leslie Linthicum
Leslie Linthicum reports on the reaction of students, parents and school administrators to her "Undercover Student" series for the Albuquerque Tribune.
Leslie Linthicum
The fifth installment of her "Undercover Student" series, Albuquerque Tribune reporter writes about the mixture of academically motivated and unmotivated students at Eldorado High School.
Leslie Linthicum
In the fourth article in the Albuquerque Tribune's "Undercover Student" series, reporter Leslie Linthicum, who posed for two weeks as a senior at Eldorado High School, writes about the school's "practical arts" curriculum. At the end of the article, she includes a glossary of slang terms used at Eldorado High School.
Undercover stories
In a letter to the editor, John K. Baker of Albuquerque writes to praise the paper's frequent undertaking of "undercover investigations."
EHS drugs bountiful if you know right person
Leslie Linthicum
In her third article of the "Undercover Student" series, Albuquerque Tribune reporter Leslie Linthicum reports on the drug culture at Eldorado High School, where she posed as a 17-year-old high school senior for two weeks.
Class lectures take back seat to filmstrips - and horseplay
Leslie Linthicum
In the second "Undercover Student" article, reporter Leslie Linthicum reports on her Popular Fiction class and on the frequent use of videos in the classroom and their failure to engage the students.
Reporter gets an education in paperwork
Leslie Linthicum
This is the first installment in Leslie Linthicum's series titled "Undercover Student," where the Albuquerque Tribune reporter posed as a senior at Eldorado High School for over a week.
Lynn Sweet
Expanding their investigation to Indianapolis, the Sun-Times sent a reporter posing as a woman in need of an abortion to an Indianapolis abortion clinic run by Dr. Arnold Bickman, the same physician who operated at two abortion clinics in Chicago, since ordered closed.
The Abortion Lottery: Women take chances with 'tryout' doctors
Pamela Zekman
Pamela Warrick
This third article in the Sun-Times' "Abortion Profiteers" series, reveals that some of Chicago's most popular abortion clinics are staffed by unlicensed or under-qualified doctors.
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