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Josiah Flynt
Flynt writes about the hierarchy and structure within the homeless or "tramp" community in the late nineteenth century. In this article, he gives detailed accounts of what he calls "clubs" or groups of homeless, from different parts of the country, and how they interact.
John Seigenthaler
In his introduction to Jerry Thompson's book "My Life in the Klan" the publisher of The Tennessean, John Seigenthaler, talks about Thompson's background as a reporter and the genesis of the assignment.
Freedom! Reporter Leaves Kankakee
Frank Smith
In the tenth and final story about his week spent undercover at Illinois' Kankakee psychiatric hospital, Frank Smith goes through the process of getting released and butts heads with his psychiatrist Dr. Sullivan, who wants him to stay longer.
Water Perils Inmates at Kankakee
Frank Smith
In this ninth, and second to last, installment of the Times' "Seven Days in a Madhouse" series, Frank Smith details the hospital's unsanitary water supply and begins to hope for his timely discharge.
Attempted Suicide at Kankakee Hospital
Frank Smith
In this eighth article in the "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" series, Frank Smith reveals his conversations with fellow patient at Kankakee Mr. M - who attempted suicide multiple times during his extended stay at the mental hospital.
Crazy Rhythm Dance at Kankakee
Frank Smith
The seventh and one of the more amusing installments in his "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" series, here Frank Smith reports on the co-ed dances held at Kankakee.
Haunted by Kankakee Fire Hazards
Frank Smith
In this sixth installment of his "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" series, reporter Frank Smith receives his clothes and wanders around Illinois' Kankakee psychiatric hospital where he discovers a complete disregard of fire safety regulations.
Railroaded to Kankakee as Insane
Frank Smith
In the fifth installment of "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" Frank Smith speaks with Oscar, a fellow mental patient at Kankakee who is in fact sane but has been committed to the hospital against his will.
'Death Cup' Perils Kankakee Inmates
Frank Smith
In this fourth installment of "Seven Days in the Madhouse" Smith runs into two patients who recognize him, nearly blowing his cover. He also happens across his ward's common drinking cup - a violation of Illinois state health codes.
Reporter's Night of Terror at Kankakee POOR SCAN - REDO
Frank Smith
In his third installment of the series "Seven Days in the Madhouse," Frank Smith describes being finally released from the hydrotherapy tub and his first night's sleep at Kankakee.
Reporter Takes Kankakee 'Water Cure'
Frank Smith
In this second installment to the series, Smith describes in detail his stay in Kankakee's hydrotherapy ward, where he was strapped into a tub of dirty river water for fifteen hours.
Reporter's Experience at Kankakee
Frank Smith
This is the first article in the "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" series by Chicago Daily Times reporter Frank Smith. In it, Smith describes how he gained admittance to the hospital and how he pretended to be violent in order to experience "hydrotherapy."
Frightened Youngsters Put In With Depraved
Michael Mok
In the ninth and final installment of his "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Mok summarizes what he believes to be the most glaring problems with Kings County psychiatric division, primarily the lack of segregation among its patients.
Ward Miseries Are Worse for Women
Michael Mok
In the eighth, and second to last, installment of his "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Mok relays the experience of a middle-aged woman who was committed to Kings County psychiatric ward for 12 days.
Entering Hospital Easier Than Exit
Michael Mok
In the seventh article, Mok describes the ordeal of convincing his psychiatrist to release him from Kings County psychiatric ward.
In Ward 33 Only Delusion is Bearable
Michael Mok
In the sixth installment of the "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Mok describes the condition of Ward 33 of Kings County psychiatric wing in detail. Like many of the other wards, it is overcrowded and houses a mixture of patients all together, from the depressed young to the old and depraved.
Outside World Helps Lessen Boredom
Michael Mok
In the fifth article of the "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Michael Mok describes the excruciating boredom he experienced during his eight day stay in the Kings County psychiatric ward. Despite all the problems he encountered there, he praises the ward's kitchen staff for their delicious food.
Crowds Turn Visiting Hour Into Bedlam
Michael Mok
In this fourth installment of his "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Mok describes the chaos of visiting hour at Kings County psychiatric ward.
Ward 51 - Nightmare Of Violence
Michael Mok
In the third article of his "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Mok meets other patients at Kings County and learns about Ward 51, where the hospital's most violent psychiatric patients are held.
Inmates sleep on floor, mutter, stare into corner
Michael Mok
In part two of the World-Telegram's series, Mok describes how he gained admittance to the hospital and his first impressions of the facility and its patients.
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