Raymond Rendleman
Report on the undercover investigation of David P. Spears, who studied the profitability of panhandling by standing at an exit ramp off Interstate 205 in downtown Oregon City for 80 hours to assess modern urban charity. His 98-page study is titled "Exit Ramp: A Short Case Study of the Profitability of Panhandling."
"Work Ethic Alive Amidst Poverty: They'd Rather Collect Weeds Than Welfare"
Paul Lieberman
Chester Goolrick
Constitution finds the American work ethic alive and well, even at the lowest paid level of employment.
Nellie Bly Spends the Two Hottest Days of the Year in the Largest "Double Decker" in Town; 3,532 People in the Block; One Family Occupying Only Three Rooms Have Eight Boarders and Lodgers; Sleeping on the Fire-Escapes; No Scenes of Disturbance or DIsorder Among the Throngs of Over-Crowded Tenants; Strange Phases of Life in a Big City; An Interesting Chat with the Janitress of the Big Double-Decker Tenement House
Nellie Bly
Bly spends the hottest nights of the year in New York's biggest tenement apartment.
Further Details of the Factory Investgation Conducted by "The Times'" Lady Reporter. A Cloak Concern Where Nothing But Fear of the Law Seems to Prevent The Use of the Lash
Nell Nelson
The second article in Nell Nelson (a pseudonym)'s undercover series on the working conditions of women and girls in Chicago's factories.
Feudalism Lives on In the Delta
Ray Sprigle
Sprigle visits the sharecropping farms of the Mississippi Delta, in disguise as a black man.
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