Jim McGee
Tom Fiedler
James Savage
A recap of how the Miami Herald captured evidence of Gary Hart's extramarital dalliance during his campaign for the Democratic nomination for U.S. President.
Hunger, Thirst, Exhaustion, and Snakebite Plague the Journey of the Wetback, but There's Only One Danger That Counts.
John Davidson
John Davidson followed and documented the life of Javier, an illegal immigrant on a journey from Texas to Mexico and back to pick up his younger brother.
LeDuff shadowed a group of Mexicans crossing the border illegally into the United States and making their way to Farmingville, N.Y.
Inspired by Faith, the Poor Rush Forth to Offer Food
Sonia Nazario
Don Bartletti
The fourth article in the series examines the role of religion for Enrique and those who make similar journeys to his, through Mexico to the United States.
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