slave auction

Review of Mortimer Thomson's "Great Auction-Sale of Slaves at Savannah, Georgia" in Atlantic Monthly.
Great Auction of Slaves at Savannah, Georgia
Mortimer Thomson
An 1863 reprint of Mortimer Thomson's Butler slave auction report of 1859 for the New York Tribune, timed to the publication of Fanny Kemble's journal of life as Mrs. Butler on the Georgia plantations.
A Great Slave Auction, 400 Men, Women and Children Sold
Q.K Philander Doesticks
After inheriting his father's estate, upper-class northerner Pierce Butler (husband of English-born actress and abolitionist Fanny Kemble) auctioned off half of his family's slaves to settle debt. The article, written by Mortimer Thomson under his pen-name Doesticks, was later included as a sequel to Ms. Kemble's published journals (see "What Became of the Slaves on a Georgia Plantation?").
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