Tony Horwitz

Paul Steiger
Paul Steiger submits Tony Horwitz's "Nine to Nowhere," "Class Struggle" and "Getting Nowhere" for consideration for the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on national affairs.
Tony Horwitz
Tony Horwitz explains how Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" hasn't fully changed the slaughter and packing industry.
Ellen Bugher
Tony Horwitz
The News-Sentinel examined what happens at massage parlors, visitng four of the city's licensed facilities and found that in each case, the negative image fit. Fort Wayne, the paper found, there were two kinds of massages available in the town,
"Debate over lying to get a story has intensified in the wake of the Food Lion case. Defenders say deception sometimes is critical in reporting important stories. But a mounting chorus of criticism decries the practice as overdone, bad for journalism's credibility - and just plain wrong."
Susan Paterno
A critique of undercover reporting, using the Tony Horwitz "9 to Nowhere" series of 1994 in the Wall Street Journal and the ABC "Prime Time Live" undercover segment on the Food Lion supermarket chain to discuss examine the various issues and conflicting points of view.
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