undercover journalism

Darren Foster
Mariana van Zeller
Mariana van Zeller and Darren Foster focus this episode on revealing the harsh reality of animal cruelty and the industry trying to counteract activist's movements.
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism discusses The Guardian's use of investigative reporting and the culture of journalism.
Phillip Knightley
The ethics of undercover reporting are questioned when the Duchess of York bribes a businessman for cash.
Journalist Wang Keqin Causes Alarm with Blogpost Amid Claims Officials are Targeting his China Economic Times Newspaper
Jonathan Watts
Influential Chinese investigative journalist, Wang Keqin, is receiving terrifying backlash regarding his undercover reporting of senior Communist party officials.
Susan Donaldson James
Supplement to author Timothy Kurek's memoir "The Cross in the Closet."
Sandra Davidson
Sandra Davidson discusses the significance of the Food Lion case.
Undercover at a Migrant Camp, With the Air Thick with Danger
Les Payne
Les Payne recounts his time spent in 1970 as an undercover reporter in Riverhead, New York, as a migrant laborer.
Undercover at Migrant Labor Camp
Les Payne
Les Payne went undercover posing as a migrant laborer for a week in Long Island, New York.
Mannika Chopra
Mannika Chopra discusses the use of undercover reporting in India.
Stephen Brook
The Press Complaints Commission explains why they are in favor of the controversial phenomenon of undercover reporting.
Mark Daly
Mark Daly, a BBC reporter, went undercover as a police officer to investigate racism within the London Police Department.
A new North Korean magazine will strictly use undercover journalism to get their stories.
Byron Harris
Investigative research was done when it was revealed that the Navy was giving fake diplomas to enlistees.
California Clinics Use Homeless to File False Claims
Joel Grover
Joel Grover investigated and exposed many illegal medical clinics in California.
Christopher H. Pyle
Pyle believes that the negative methods being used in journalism are ruining the press.
A Young Woman's Nervy Exploit for the Sunday World; The Poor Who Befriend the Poor
E. M. S.
Journalist goes undercover to exploit the poor.
C. Thomas Dienes
C. Thomas Dienes discusses Professor Smolla's paper on media's privacy limitations and the law in a panel on 'protecting investigative journalism'.
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