undercover journalism

James Walker
James Walker questions the credibility of undercover journalism.
Scott D. Wiltsee
Scott D. Wiltsee reveals the many legal concerns when going undercover to report a story.
Abi Wright
Abi Wright discusses the risks journalists face while trying to get a story.
Charles Scheim
Charles Scheim explains the amount of scrutiny the media receives due to an intrusive form of journalism.
James Ettema
James Ettema writes about what makes investigative reporting successful.
Brooke Gladstone
Both the 2008 and 2013 versions of this segment on WNYC's "On the Media." "Should reporters lie or misrepresent themselves in order to get an important story? Undercover reporting has long been an effective, exciting and, some would argue, necessary journalistic tool. But at a time when the public's trust in the press is waning, can journalists afford to lie? . . . Brooke [Gladstone] talks with undercover reporters and their critics." (Interviewed: Howard Kurtz, Bill Wasik, Brooke Kroeger, Pam Zekman, Mike Wallace, Eileen Murphy, Ken Silverstein, Jack Fuller, Chris Hansen)
Scott Baker
An analysis of the claims made by the NPR undercover report.
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