undercover reporting

Mail Investigation Uncovers Financial Firms' Reluctance to Mortgage One-Bed Apartments, Crucial Bottom Rung on the Property Ladder.
Nicola Byrne
An undercover reporter for the Daily Mail posed as a first-time home buyer revealing that banks will not give loans for one bedroom apartments, but will for anything more.
Jason Beaubien
Steve Inskeep
Steve Inskeep interviews Jason Beaubien about why reporting in Zimbabwe is nearly impossible.
When Reporters Go Undercover, it is Often They Who End Up in Trouble with the Police Instead of the People They are trying to Expose.
Monica Bhogal
Undercover reporting is a high risk job; Monica Bhogal tells why.
Sophie Hutchinson
As a result of BBC's TV film, The Undercover Soldier, five British Army instructors have been suspended.
BBC News explains how reporter Russell Sharp went undercover in the military.
Joel Meares
Brooke Kroeger
Q & A with Brooke Kroeger after James O'Keefe's NPR sting in 2011.
Consumers Duped Into Buying Dangerous Cars from Russian Mob
Chris Halsne
Chris Halsne went undercover with a hidden camera to expose how business is done with the Russian mob.
Collaborative Efforts Nabs Promoters of Child Porn
Dave Savini
WTVJ-Miami and WMAQ-Chicago joined forces to go undercover and expose child predators.
Out of the War Zone After 4 1/2 Years, a Times Reporter Looks Back on the Disguises of Reality It Took to Get the Story and Survive
Borzou Daragahi
Times reporter Borzou Daragahi went undercover in Iraq to get the perfect story.
Public officials flouting law by driving drunk, speeding in vehicles paid for with tax money.
Chris Halsne
Investigative report on public officials.
Kim Zetter
An NBC reporter brought a hidden camera to DefCon to try and expose an investigation. She ended up being the one exposed.
Ronald E. Ostman
Berkley Hudson
In-depth look into John L. Spivak's history.
Mike Newall
Philadelphia City Paper reporter, Mike Newall, went undercover as a volunteer for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.
Tom Namako
Philadelphia City Paper reporter, Tom Namako, went undercover as a volunteer for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.
Mayhill Fowler
Mayhill Fowler asked Bill Clinton how he felt about Todd Purdum's "Comeback Id" article for Vanity Fair and he responded by revealing how he really felt. Fowler did not identify she was a reporter.
Exploring the Qualms with Undercover Reporting. Can Lies Reveal Truth?"
Ashley Csanady
A young Canadian reporter's essay with links to a number of journal articles on the subject of undercover reporting ethics.
The Editors
a podcast about undercover reporting and its misuses
Kit's Gossip and Chit Chat: Tramps With the London Genius
Kathleen Coleman
Kathleen "Kit" Coleman traveled overseas in 1892 to go undercover as a male to report for The Toronto Mail to discover what it was like to live in London's East End.
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