Undercover Student

More "Undercover Student" letters
More letters to the editor in reaction to The Albuquerque Tribune's recent "Undercover Student" series, which sent 24-year-old reporter Leslie Linthicum to Eldorado High School as a 17-year-old senior for two weeks.
This is a transcript of a TV program called "Stopwatch" with John Andrews, on KGGM-TV, Channel 13, where Eldorado Principal Robert Daugherty discusses The Tribune's recent "Undercover Student" series.
The complete text of a statement released by Eldorado High School principal Robert Daugherty on the "Undercover Student" series by Albuquerque Tribune reporter Leslie Linthicum, who posed as a high school student for two weeks. He accuses Linthicum of betraying the trust of students, teachers and parents.
The mail brings in more 'Undercover Student' letters
Several letters to the editor about the paper's recent controversial "Undercover Student" series.
This editorial by the Albuquerque Tribune defends its "Undercover Student" series, where a reporter posed as a high school student at Eldorado High School for two weeks, against criticism of the local community.
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