Josiah Ryan
This piece from CNS news, a conservative news source, uses the undercover sting of Planned Parenthood as its main reporting source.
Emily Esfahani Smith
In the context of the O'Keefe and Lila Rose undercover work, Smith analyzes the ethics of undercover journalism in the recent past and present.
A press release from the Society of Professional Journalists calling for the investigation of FBI agents who posed as journalist. Also contains two letters to Louis Freeh, the then FBI director from national and regional leaders of the SPJ.
What Does the Negro Really Want?
Ray Sprigle
Sprigle finishes his time undercover as a black man in the south, and pleads with his audience to seek reform.
Feudalism Lives on In the Delta
Ray Sprigle
Sprigle visits the sharecropping farms of the Mississippi Delta, in disguise as a black man.
Negro Doctors Treat White Patients
Ray Sprigle
Sprigle encounters some of the more acutely absurd aspects of Jim Crow laws in the segregated South.
A Most Successful Negro Farmer
Ray Sprigle
The author, undercover as a black man in the South, meets Dave Jackson, a successful black farmer.
Beginning a Trip Into The Rack Country
Ray Sprigle
Sprigle makes his way into sharecropping country
Two Negroes Who Have Earned Their Way
Ray Sprigle
In a "tough" county, Sprigle examines what it means for its black residents to try to register to vote.
A Discussion in a Pleasant Negro Home
Ray Sprigle
Sprigle learns about the everyday rules one's required to know when in the south and Black
'I Traveled, Ate, Black'
Ray Sprigle
The first article in Sprigle's series focuses on his travel methods, lack of detection, and reliance on a "guide" to navigate the African American communities in the south.
"The Report of our Secret Commission"
W.T. Stead
The second part of W.T. Stead's series on child prostitution
The Washington press corps is too busy cozying up to the people it covers to get at the truth.
Ken Silverstein
Ken Silverstein explains and defends his reasons for going undercover for his Harper's piece on the excesses of Washington lobbyists.
Edward Wasserman
Wasserman's column defending Ken Silverstein's undercover reporting on D.C. lobbyists.
Undercover with D.C.'s lobbyists for hire
Ken Silverstein
Silverstein's undercover report on the ways in which lobbyists help dictatorial regimes gain favor in Washington. For the article, Silverstein posed as a representative of a firm working to improve Turkmenistan's image, and contacted and met with lobbying firms under that guise.
Sean Hannity
James O'Keefe
Lila Rose
Sean Hannity features Rose and O'Keefe's phone calls to Planned Parenthood clinics. Posing as potential donors who want to give money specifically for minority abortions, the recorded phone conversations attempt to accuse the organization of supporting genocide.
Lila Rose
James O'Keefe
Lila Rose, with James O'Keefe posing as her 23-year-old boyfriend, goes into a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood clinic. She's posing as a 15-year-old girl.
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