Bugs Reign in Squalor
Woody Klein
In this fourth installment of the "I Lived in a Slum" series, New York World-Telegram and Sun reporter Woody Klein reports on his first experience living in a New York City slum - a roach-infested tenement building on W. 84th Street.
'At Home' in a Filthy Cage; Family Is Trapped in West Side's Jungle
Woody Klein
In the first installment to the "I Lived in a Slum" series, Woody Klein reports on his experience living in a leaky basement apartment in an Upper West Side tenement during a heavy rainstorm.
Sickening Story Unfolds in City's Blighted Areas
Robert H. Prall
This introductory article reports of the specifics of Woody Klein's one month stay in the city's worst slums - how he assumed a new identity and how he applied for housing aid.
Christopher Miller
The Albuquerque Board of Education reacts to The Tribune's "Undercover Student" series.
Reaction swift on 'undercover student' series - from obscenities and insights to hoorays
Leslie Linthicum
Leslie Linthicum reports on the reaction of students, parents and school administrators to her "Undercover Student" series for the Albuquerque Tribune.
Leslie Linthicum
The fifth installment of her "Undercover Student" series, Albuquerque Tribune reporter writes about the mixture of academically motivated and unmotivated students at Eldorado High School.
Leslie Linthicum
In the fourth article in the Albuquerque Tribune's "Undercover Student" series, reporter Leslie Linthicum, who posed for two weeks as a senior at Eldorado High School, writes about the school's "practical arts" curriculum. At the end of the article, she includes a glossary of slang terms used at Eldorado High School.
Undercover stories
In a letter to the editor, John K. Baker of Albuquerque writes to praise the paper's frequent undertaking of "undercover investigations."
Class lectures take back seat to filmstrips - and horseplay
Leslie Linthicum
In the second "Undercover Student" article, reporter Leslie Linthicum reports on her Popular Fiction class and on the frequent use of videos in the classroom and their failure to engage the students.
Reporter gets an education in paperwork
Leslie Linthicum
This is the first installment in Leslie Linthicum's series titled "Undercover Student," where the Albuquerque Tribune reporter posed as a senior at Eldorado High School for over a week.
Pregnant or not, women given abortions
Pamela Zekman
Pamela Warrick
The tenth installment of the Sun Times' "Abortion Profiteers" series reports that one Chicago-area abortion clinic regularly performs abortions on women who failed pregnancy tests.
College Courses Not Much Help in Difficult Classes
George N. Allen
The third installment of George Allen's "Undercover Teacher" series for the York World-Telegram and Sun. The reporter worked as a teacher at Brooklyn's John Marshall Junior High School for two months.
Kathy English
Toronto Star public editor Kathy English discusses Dale Brazao's nursing home assignment and the ethics of going undercover.
"Special Investigation by The Argus; A Representative on a Recruiting Schooner"
Australian conservative newspaper The Argus sent reporter J.D. Melvin undercover on The Helena, a blackbirding schooner headed for the Solomon Islands. It returned four months later with ninety recruits. This article explains the methodology and importance of the assignment, emphasizing Melvin as a trustworthy reporter.
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