Two Negroes Who Have Earned Their Way
Ray Sprigle
In a "tough" county, Sprigle examines what it means for its black residents to try to register to vote.
A Patchwork Quilt
Pamela Zekman
Task Force reporter Pamela Zekman delves into Illinois' election code, unpacking its most contradicting and impossible statutes and inefficiencies.
William Currie
Tribune reporter William Currie gives a historical account of vote fraud in Chicago.
How Tribune Got Vote Fraud Story
William Currie
The Tribune reports on the experiences of reporter William Mullen, who pieced together evidence of vote fraud while working undercover as a Republican clerk in the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners office,
George Bliss
William Mullen
The Tribune reports that the federal government, in addition to arresting those indicted for vote fraud during the March primary, will take steps to ensure that no vote fraud happens in Chicago during the presidential election in November.
This article takes a look at the investigators employed by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and why they failed to undercover any fraud in the March 21st primary elections.
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