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The Woman Who Toils

by: Florence Jackson | publication date: May 1, 1903 | Publication: Overland Monthly | pages: 397-398

In her very preface Mrs. Van Vorst shows that the great subject she has started out to handle is, with all her sympathy, not understood even by herself. For she writes: β€˜It is evident in order to render practical aid to this class, we must live among them, understand their desires *** put ourselves in their environments, etc.,’ and in the beginning she makes the inseparable barrier – We – They. We on the one side, they on the other, and while she admits the need of comprehending the class she sees needs help, she gives no hint of the need this class of comprehending in their turn that which would help.

This review of The Woman Who Toils by Marie and Bessie Van Vorst criticizes the sisters for thinking they could capture the essence of the working girl by temporarily working beside them.

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