"Facts of Slavery in Kentucky" - James Redpath - New York Tribune

"Facts of Slavery in Kentucky" - James Redpath - New York Tribune

A Case of Cruelty and Torture

by: James Redpath | publication date: May 1, 1855 | Publication: The New York Tribune | pages: 5

Before the Jury, one of Mr. Lewis's neighbors, Mr. David Montgomery, of revolutionary descent, testified that on the first Monday of March,which was County Court day, the younger girl above spoken ran into his house in a state of complete nakedness, and that her first words besought them "to please let her warm by their fire." Upon examination by this neighbor and wife the girl was found to have been most cruelly treated. She showed burns that evidently were made with hot irons upon her neck, her face, her hands under both arms, between her legs, both behind and before, beside bruises upon her head and bleeding at the ears.

A wealthy Kentucky family is indicted for torturing their two slaves after a neighbor witnessed and reported the abuse. The slaves were seized by the police for their protection. The article is part of The New York Tribune's "Facts of Slavery" column compiled by James Redpath from the southern press.

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