"Five Books of the Moment" - The Bookman

"Five Books of the Moment" - The Bookman

I. The Woman Who Toils

by: Grace Isabel Colbron | publication date: April 1, 1903 | Publication: The Bookman | pages: 187

What these ladies have discovered in the course of an exploration involving, for women of the favoured class, fully as great an endurance of actual physical hardship as would be entailed by a trip to the North Pole or to the heart of Africa, they have discovered starting out with the point of view, with the lack of knowledge, shared by the majority of their class. Taking thus the angle of vision of their class as a starting point, and never losing sight of it through all the increasing widening of their own mental horizon, they have written a book which cannot fail to touch the hearts and awaken the minds of those who have, perhaps, never had the case put in a manner so comprehensible for them.

This review by Grace Colbron of Bessie and Marie Van Vorst's book "The Woman Who To Toils" praises the erudite sisters for working alongside their poorer counterparts.

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