Follow-Up: "Journalist on the Edge" - Les Payne - The Quill

Follow-Up: "Journalist on the Edge" - Les Payne - The Quill

Undercover at a Migrant Camp, With the Air Thick with Danger

by: Les Payne | publication date: January 1, 2006 | Publication: The Quill | volume: 94 | pages: 42

". . .I seized upon the migrant story as a chance to flirt with new journalism. First, I had to gain access to the Long Island migrants without disturbing their routine. It would not be free of risk, or danger. So my wide and child packed off for the week to my parents' home in Connecticut. I hitchhiked to Riverhead in a t-shirt and jeans and was hired on as 'Bubba.' I had picked cotton in Tuscaloosa, shade-grown tobacco in Windsor, Conn., and thus was no stranger to dirt crops. . ."

Les Payne recounts his time spent in 1970 as an undercover reporter in Riverhead, New York, as a migrant laborer.

Copyrighted, used with permission.