"Frat House for Jesus" - Peter J. Boyer - The New Yorker

"Frat House for Jesus" - Peter J. Boyer - The New Yorker

The Entity Behind C Street

by: Peter J. Boyer | publication date: September 13, 2010 | Publication: The New Yorker |

". . .The men leading this intervention considered themselves Ensign’s closest friends in Washington. Four of those who confronted Ensign—Senator Tom Coburn and Representatives Bart Stupak, Mike Doyle, and Zach Wamp—lived with him in nineteenth century brick row house on C Street, in southeast Washington, a short walk from the Capitol. The men regarded themselves in part as an accountability group. Despite their political differences—Coburn and Wamp are Republicans, Stupak and Doyle are Democrats—they had pledged to hold one another to a life lived by the principles of Jesus, and they considered the Tuesday supper gatherings at C Street an inviolable ritual. . ."

Peter J. Boyer reveals the inside workings of the C Street house.

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