"I Was a Bum" - Dick J. Reavis - Texas Monthly

"I Was a Bum" - Dick J. Reavis - Texas Monthly

Skid Row, Where the Good Things in Life Are a Fresh Bottle, a Soup Kitchen, and a Sunny Street Corner

by: Dick J. Reavis | publication date: May 1, 1978 | Publication: Texas Monthly |

". . .By six o'clock I'm back out on the sidewalk. The doors close at seven for the worship service, and in order to sleep at the mission, you've got to attend. Between supper and salvation time, the men smoke a few cigarettes and go around the corners of the building in two and threes to take last minute swigs from their bottles. If Brother Bob or other mission mean catch them, they'll be turned away at the door. . ."

Dick J. Reavis posed as a homeless man to experience Houston's Star of Hope Mission.

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