"I Was a Negro in the South for 30 Days" - Ray Sprigle - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



Ray Sprigle, a white reporter from Pittsburgh, goes undercover as a light-skinned black man in the deep south. 

Media History

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Effects and Outcomes

Although the story was not reprinted in any white southern papers, Sprigle's undercover series sparked a national media debate about the Jim Crow laws and captured considerable attention north and south of the Mason-Dixon line. The Delta-Times in Greenville, MI, wrote a reply to the series, "The Other Side of Jim Crow."  The author of that piece, Hodding Carter III, then debated Sprigle on the issue of racial segregation on a national TV program. The next year, Sprigle published his findings in a book called "In the Land of Jim Crow," which did not sell well. 

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