"I Was a Slave in Puglia" - Fabrizio Gatti - L'Espresso (Italy)

"I Was a Slave in Puglia" - Fabrizio Gatti - L'Espresso (Italy)

Exploited. Underpaid. Lodged in filthy shacks. Beaten to death if they complain. Diary of a week in hell amidst the foreign laborers in the province of Foggia

by: Fabrizio Gatti | publication date: September 4, 2006 | Publication: L'Espresso | pages: 7 online pages

"The boss wears a white shirt, black trousers and dusty shoes. He's from Puglia, but he hardly speaks Italian. To make himself understood he seeks the assistance of his bodyguard, a Maghrebin who is in charge of keeping everything under control in the fields. "Find out what this guy wants. If he's looking for work, tell him we don't need anyone, today." The boss speaks in dialect and drives away in his SUV. . . ."

Gatti goes undercover to experience the "triangle of slavery," his description of the tomato-picking business in Puglia.

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