"Inside The National Enquirer" - Kelly Cobiella - CBS News

"Inside The National Enquirer" - Kelly Cobiella - CBS News

When you think of great investigative journalism, sensational tabloids don't ordinarily spring right to mind. But perhaps because it does fit into the sensational category, the John Edwards story was broken by The National Enquirer. Kelly Cobiella visits the tabloid … and tells all.

by: Kelly Cobiella | publication date: February 11, 2009 | Publication: CBS News |

". . .But a tabloid notorious for dishing dirt on the stars is now in the news for uncovering the year's biggest political scandal: the John Edwards affair, a story the Enquirer first began reporting while Edwards was still a presidential candidate.

Perel indicated an issue from December 2007. It was "the first time we named Rielle Hunter as lover and revealed she was 6 months pregnant and got the exclusive photo of her," he said. . ."

Kelly Cobiella goes inside The National Enquirer.

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