IV-"Crackdown on Quackery" - Life Magazine

IV-"Crackdown on Quackery" - Life Magazine

"A Quack is Caught after Taking $500,000 from 35,000 Patients"

by: | publication date: November 1, 1963 | Publication: Life Magazine | pages: pp78-79

". . . Mrs. Jackie Metcalf was used as an undercover agent. She had Mrs. [Ruth] Drown diagnose her children, including her daugher Jeanne, by analyzing blood samples - from animals (p. 77). Then Mrs. Metcalf came back with Life photographer J. R. Eyerman as a patient and took the picture at right with a secret camera rigged in her purse. . . "

California quack-hunters tried for years to get Mrs. Ruth Drown, who has treated some 35,000 patients for nonexistent diseases, bilking them of more than a half a million dollars.

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