Mayor Voices Concern Over Kings County

Mayor Voices Concern Over Kings County

Approves Trussell Probe of Conditions in Mental Ward

by: | publication date: March 17, 1961 | Publication: New York World-Telegram and Sun | pages: 1

 Mayor Robert F. Wagner today voiced "great concern" over conditions discovered by World-Telegram staff writer Michael Mok in the psychiatric division of Brooklyn's Kings County Hospital. The Mayor made the remark after discussing the overcrowded, unsanitary, understaffed division with Dr. Ray E. Trussell, city hospitals commissioner, in a City Hall conference. 

A short article reporting about the Mayor's reaction to the World-Telegram's series about Kings County Hospital's psychiatric ward. Mayor Robert Wagner met with Dr. Trussell, city hospitals commissioner, who planned to inspect the ward personally and form a committee to evaluate and improve the ward.

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