"The Nellie Brown Mystery" - Unsigned - New York World

"The Nellie Brown Mystery" - Unsigned - New York World

Her Story as Told from Day to Day by the City Newspapers; From the Sun, Sunday, Sept 25, WHO IS THIS INSANE GIRL? She Is Pretty, Well Dressed and Speaks Spanish; She Wandered Into Matron Stenard's Home for Women and Asked for a Pistol to Protect Herself; Is Her Name Marina?

by: Unsigned | publication date: October 9, 1887 | Publication: New York World | pages: 26:5

"A modest, comely well-dressed girl of nineteen who gave her name as Nellie Brown, was committed by Justice Duffy at Essex Market yesterday for examination as to her sanity. The circumstances surrounding her were such as to indicate that possibly she might be the heroine of an interesting story . . . ."

The New York World reprints an article from the Sept. 25, 1887 New York Sun as well as reporting from the city's other papers about about the mysterious Nellie Brown, who ends up getting transported to Blackwell's Island. Of course, it was the World's Nellie Bly, attempting just that.

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