The Presidents Club Scandal and Other Such Undercover Exposes



 An undercover investigation by the Financial Times of behavior toward hostesses at The Presidents Club's annual men-only charity event in London and reaction to the story. 

Media History

The reporting was intended for these media types: Newspaper

Effects and Outcomes



The Financial Times sent reporter Madison Marriage undercover to the annual Presidents Club charity dinner in London, a men-ony event. Her story reported on the way hostesses at the event were subjected to groping, sexually harassment and propositions, causing a range of immediate responses as outlined under the following headlines. Stories not behind a paywall are posted.


How the City Responded to the Presidents Club scandal


The Presidents Club scandal should remove the fig leaf of charity


Possible Criminal Offences Committed at Presidents Club Dinner


President's Club to Close After Harassment Scandal"


Presidents Club expose hints at the city's seedy side


Large number of property executives at men-only Dorchester dinner


A boob job for the missus - a night at the Presidents Club


UK politicians express revulsion over President's Club report



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