The Queensland Labor Traffic

The Queensland Labor Traffic

To the Editor of The Age

by: John G Paton | publication date: May 23, 1883 | Publication: The Age | pages: 7

 Permit me in the interests of humanity to thank Mr. G. E. Morrison and you for the publication of his letter on the Polynesian Labor Traffic, and for your leaders on this subject. This sad traffic has carried off about a third of the population of the New Hebrides group, and of many other islands, as it rapidly depopulates them by spreading misery, disease and death in its wake. What Mr. Morrison saw on his voyage in the Queensland labor vessel, and so describes, I believe is what is constantly taking place in this traffic, as I have seen its doings from the beginning on the islands. Please also let your readers see the following, from a letter I published in the Argus of the 30th April, and ask them if a traffic so steeped in blood and misery is not a foul stain on our Australian honor and British glory, seeing that England has done so much to suppress slavery in other lands.

A letter to the editor of The Age from John Paton lending support to Morrison's characterization of labor trafficking.

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