The Queensland "Slave Trade"

The Queensland "Slave Trade"

To the Editor of The Age

by: Mallicolo | publication date: May 14, 1883 | Publication: The Age | pages: 1

I have been for many years in the South Seas, both as a resident and a trader, and have also been in the labor trade or slave trade or blackbird trade or whatever you like to call it. In the labor trade I was a mate on board two schooners, one under the English flag, the other under the French flag, and I have taken labor to almost every market about these parts of the globe. Now, Sir, my experience coincides exactly with that of Mr. Morrison.

A letter to the editor of The Age corroborating Morrison's account of South Sea labor trafficking. It it signed by "Mallicolo," an individual who, like Morrison, worked in the blackbirding business himself.

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