"The Queensland Slave Trade" - Queenslander - The Age

"The Queensland Slave Trade" - Queenslander - The Age

To the Editor of The Age

by: Queenslander | publication date: May 10, 1883 | Publication: The Age | pages: 7

As a Queenslander of nearly 25 years standing, I cannot help noticing the long letter in your issues of this date signed by Mr. Morrison. I must, however, confess that I am altogether skeptical as to Mr. Morrison's ability to furnish the public with satisfactory proof of his statements. I have employed Kanaka labor myself on an up-country station. I have seen that at work on many occasions on other stations. I never yet heard of a case of maltreatment. 

A letter to the editor of The Age questioning Morrison's characterization of blackbirding, by someone calling himself "Queenslander."

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