VI-"My Life With The Klan" - Jerry Thompson - Nashville Tennessean

VI-"My Life With The Klan" - Jerry Thompson - Nashville Tennessean

"President Carter Saw Red...And Then He Called Me a Coward"

by: Jerry Thompson | publication date: December 12, 1980 | Publication: The Nashville Tennessean |

Jimmy Carter's famous grin disappeared as he looked across the Labor Day crowd at Tuscumbia, Ala., and saw that my Ku Klux Klan buddies were unfurling a Confederate battle flag. Suddenly, this Southern-born president, whose administration stood for equal rights for black Americans, recognized our white robes and hoods - and he saw red. "There are some who practice cowardice and preach fear and hatred," said President Carter departing from the text of his prepared speech and "It makes me angry when I see them with a Confederate battle flag."

In this article, Thompson describes picketing at President Jimmy Carter's Labor Day speech with other Klan members in Tuscumbia, Alabama. The president acknowledged their presence and spoke out against their organization. Thompson's entire "My Life with the Klan" series was reprinted by The Tennessean as a separate book with the same title.

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