VII-"My Life With The Klan" - Jerry Thompson - Nashville Tennessean

VII-"My Life With The Klan" - Jerry Thompson - Nashville Tennessean

The Warning Was Clear: No Mercy for Spies

by: Jerry Thompson | publication date: December 13, 1980 | Publication: The Nashville Tennessean |

Bill Riccio, decked out in a green beret, camouflage fatigues and jungle boots, fingered his 45-caliber automatic while holding forth on the front porch of Klansman Tommy Parson's home. "When we come to power," he told the Klansmen surrounding him, "we will be the most powerful force in this nation." Anger distorted his face, and his chin quivered as he warmed to his subject: "I can't tolerate - and none of us should tolerate - anyone who would infiltrate any group and gain the confidence and the friendship of the people in it, then publicly turn against us." I was standing just a few feet from Riccio....

In the seventh installment of his series, Thompson reflects on the Klan's attitudes and policies towards outsiders, especially regarding spies, a term that certainly applies to his undercover assignment for The Tennessean. Thompson's entire "My Life with the Klan" series was reprinted by The Tennessean as a separate book with the same title.

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