VIII-"Migrant Accepts Gyp as Part of Life"

VIII-"Migrant Accepts Gyp as Part of Life"

Lack of Schooling Makes Him Easy Mark of Cheat

by: Dale Wright | publication date: October 19, 1961 | Publication: New York World-Telegram and Sun | pages: 13

A migrant farm worker expects exploitation as one of the grim facts of his miserable life. He knows he'll be cheated and he learns to live with it.  He knows he'll be underpaid for his labor and overcharged for many of the things he has to buy for himself and his family.  Beause many migrants never get to school - or have to leave during the early elementary school years to work in the fields, they are uneducated and illiterate.  For this reason they are easy marks for sharp operators. 

The eighth installment in 'The Forgotten People' series. Dale Wright looks at the tricks some farm operators use to manipulate migrant workers, who are often illiterate and desperate.

"The Forgotten People..A Report on Migrant Labor" by Dale Wright. Reprinted with the permission of the Estate of Dale Wright, c/o K.E. Wright-King ©1961, New York World-Telegram and Sun.