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Guide to the Frank Moore Papers, 1971-2003 MSS.135

Fales Library and Special Collections

Collection processed by Tania Friedel (August 2003); Jessica Shimmin (May-December 2004); Luke Martin (2008), Brent Phillips (2008) updated by Zachary Dabbs (2009)

This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on September 24, 2020
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 Record updated by Rachel Searcy to reflect 2020 accretion  , September 2020

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Separated Material

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Removed to General Circulation

The American Federation of Arts, Bonnard 1972

Aragon, Louis Henri Matissevol. I and II, 1971

The Art Institute of Chicago, Anselm Kiefer 1987

Barr, Alfred Jr. Matisse His Art and His Public 1951

Barron, Stephanie and Wolf-Dieter Dube German Expressionism 1951

Berlant, Anthony and Khlenberg Wake in Beauty: The Navaho and their Blankets 1977

Bosworth, Patricia Dianne Arbus a Biography 1984

Brettell, Richard R. Monet to Moore: The Millenium Gift of Sara Lee Corporation 1999

Bruce, Deborah The David Park Scroll 1989

Bucci, Mario Miro 1970

Busignani, Alberto Marini 1968

Cahill, James La Peinture Chinoise 1977

Cahill, James The Restless Landscape: Chinese Painting of the Late Ming Period 1971

Cairns, Huntington and John Walker eds. Great Paintings from the National Gallery of Art 1952

Carli, Enzo La "Maesta" di Duccio 1982

Carnduff Ritchie, Andrew Abstract Painting and Sculpture in America 1951

Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery Elizabeth Murray Drawings 1980-1986 1986

Christian, John Symbolists and Decadents 1977

Cluny, Claude Michel La Poesie Francaise D'Humour 1970

Cogniat, Raymond Bonnard unnown date, ca. 1967

Cooper, Douglas The Cubist Epoch 1971

Debreczeny, Paul Alexander Pushkin: Complete Prose Fiction 1983

Downes, Rackstraw Fairfield Porter: Art in its Own Term. Selected Criticism 1935-1975 1979

Duerden, Dennis African Art 1968

Elderfield, John The "Wild Beast" Fauvism and its Affinities 1976

Elgar, Frank Picasso Blue and Pink Periods 1956

Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University Ingres Centennial Exhibition 1967

Fondo Editorial de la Plastica Mexicana Jose Guadalupe Posada: Ilustrador de la Vida Mexicana 1992

Forma, Warren Five British Sculptors 1964

Fradier, Georges Mosaiques Romaines de Tunisie 1992

Fundacio Joan Miro Centre d'Estudis d'Arte Comtemporani Art Tantric 1975

Gablik, Suzi Magritte 1985

Gallery of Masterpieces Giotto: Frescoes in the Upper Church, Assisi 1954

Gallery Yoshii Bonnard 1973

Gallery Yoshii Giorges Rouault 1976

Giotto: Portfolio of Reproductions 1944

Goldscheider, Ludwig Leonardo da Vinci: The Artist 1944

Gowing, Lawrence Turner: Imagination and Reality 1966

Grand Palais Henri Matisse 1970

Gurdjieff Views from the Real World: Early Talks 1973

Haas, Emily Bruce Davidson Brooklyn Gang 1999

Hanson, Anne Coffin Manet and the Modern Tradition 1979

Heusinger, Lutz Michelangelo: Complete Works undated

Hickey, Dave The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays on Beauty 1993

James Cohan Gallery Roxy Paine 2001

Kettlewell, James K. The Hyde Collection Catalogue 1981

Keilty, Bernadine Masters of Painting: Their Works, Their Lives, Their Times 1964

Leymarie, Jean Balthus 1982

Lipman, Jean Five Star Folk Art: One Hundred American Masterpieces 1990

Malevitch Suprematism: 34 Drawings 1974

Malingue, Maurice Paul Gaugin Letters to his Wife and Friends 1949

Malraux, Andre L'Intemporel 1976

Masini, Lara Vinca Braque 1971

Mauner, George Manet the Still-Life Paintings 2000

Meauze, Pierre African Art 1968

Mitchinson, David Henry Moore: Unpublished Drawings 1971

Monod-Fontaine, Isabelle and Marielle Tabart Brancusi 1977

Mourlot, Fernand Picasso Lithographs 1970

Museum of American Folk Art Expressions of a New Spirit: Highlights from the Permanent Collection 1989

Museum of Modern Art Masters of Modern Art 1954

Museum of Modern Art The Natural Paradise: Painting in America 1800-1950

Myers, Terry R. Robert Overby Parallel: 1978-1969 2000

National Gallery of Art, Washington An American Sampler: Folk Art from the Shelburne Museum 1987

O'Neill, John P. Ed. Mitsou 1984

Reunion des Musees Nationaux Le Siecle de Titien 1993

Rewald, Sabine Balthus 1984

Rogers, Howard Ed. China: 5,000 Years 1998

Rosenberg, Pierre Fragonard 1988

Ross, John G. and William H. Peck Egyptian Drawings 1978

Richardson, John Edouard Manet in Full Color 1969

Rossoli, Franco Modigliani 1959

Rouart, Denis and Jean-Dominique Rey Monet Water-Lilies 1974

Rubin, William ed. Cezanne: The Late Work 1977

Rubin, William Miro in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art 1973

Rugoff, Milton Famous Artists Annual. A Treasury of Contemporary Art

Russell, Bertrand Mysticism and Logic 1917

St. Louis Art Museum Henri Matisse Paper Cut-Outs 1977

Schapiro, Meyer Vincent Van Gogh 1950

Schmied, Wieland Tobey 1966

School of Paris 1965

Scott, Curtis R. ed. Brancusi 1995

Scott, David John Sloan 1871-1951 1971

Shone, Richard Duncan Grant Designer 1980

Sickman, Laurence Great Chinese Painters of the Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties 1949

Skira, Albert ed. Carlo Carra 1996

Skira, Albert Manet unknown date

Smithsonian Goya Drawings and Prints 1955

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Frantisek Kupka 1871-19571975

Sperone, Gian Enzo Il Mercante Altrove: Disegni da una Collezione 1996

Stebbins Jr. Theodore E. Martin Johnson Heade1999

Strand, Mark The Contemporary American Poets: American Poetry since 1940 1969

Stuckey, Charles F. Claude Monet: 1840-1926

Sweeney, James Johnson Joan Miro 1970

Tantham, David Winslow Homer in the Adirondacks 1996

University Galleries of Illinois State University Contemporary American Painting 1951

Waldman, Diane Mark Rothko 1903-1970 A Retrospective 1978

Wattenmaker, Richard Art of Charle Prendergast 1978

Weekes, C.P. The Invincible Monet 1960

Wertenbaker, Leal The World of Picasso 1881 1967

Whitehead, Alfred North Modes of Thought 1938

Whitney Museum of American Art The Sculpture and Drawings of Elie Nadelman 1882-1946 1975

Wildenstein Goya 1950

Wildenstein la revue blanche 1983

Wildenstein Jubilee Loan Exhibition 1901-1951 Masterpieces from Museums and Private Collections

Wildenstein Maurice Utrillo 1883-1955 1957

Wildenstein Seurat and His Friends 1953

Removed To Fales American Collection

Allen, James, Hilton Als, Congressman John Lewis, Leon F. Litwack Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America 2000

Calderone, Mary Steichen, Edward Steichen, John Updike The First Picture Book: Everyday Things for Babies

Dennis, Donna and Kenward Elmslie 26 Bars 1987

Removed to Fales Special Collections

Arenas, Roberto Triana and Sandro Chia Bestario 1980

Pal, Pratapaditya Court Paintings of Indai 16th-19th Centuries 1983

Vermeer, Jan Jan Vermeer of Delft: Portfolios of Great Masters 1925

Books Removed to Fales Downtown Collection

ACLU AIDS Project Epidemic of Fear: A Survey of AIDS Discrimination in the 1980s and Policy Recommendations for the 1990s 1990

Artists Space 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Card Collection, 1999

Baker, Rob The Art of AIDS: From Stigma to Conscience 1994 [This book includes Frank More cover art and chapter]

Bellamy, Peter The Artist Project. Portraits of the Real Art World: New York Artists 1981-1990 1991

Brainard, Joe More I Remember 1972

Brainard, Joe New Work 1973

Brainard, Joe Nothing to Write Home About 1981

Brainard, Joe and Kenward Elmslie Pay Dirt 1992

Brainard, Joe and Keward Elmslie Sung Sex 1989

Between Life and Death: Frank Moore 2002

Castle, Ted Three Americans Address the World 1981

Columbia Review: "The Referential Fallacy" by Riffaaterre, Poetry and Fiction Winter 1978

D'Agostino, Roberto Libidine: Guida Sintetica ad una vera Degenerazione Fisica e Morale 1987

Dion, Mark and Alexis Rockman Concrete Jungle: A Pop Media Investigation of Death and Survival in Urban Ecosystems 1996

DPN: Diseased Pariah News #7 1992, #9 1994, #10 1995

Dugdale, John Lengthening Shadows Before Nightfall 1995

Eggleston, William 2 1/4 1999

Finkelpearl, Tom Dialogues in Public Art 2000 [Includes interview with Frank Moore]

Friedman, Michael Distinctive Belt 1985

Gilbert and George Side by Side 1971

Giorno, John Balling Buddha 1970

Giorno, John you got to burn to shine 1994

Gooch, Brad The Daily News 1977

Gooch, Brad Jailbait and Other Stories 1984

Gould, Claudia and Valerie Smith 5000 Artists Return to Artists Space: 25 Years 1998

Ginsberg, Allen Allen Ginsberg Photographs 1990

Hendricks, Geoffrey The Fertility of the Soil 1992

Holly Solomon Gallery: The First Two Years 1977

Hornick, Lita and Poet Friends To Elizabeth and Eleanor: Great Queens Who Loved Poetry 1993

Kakania, Konstantin Freedom or Death

LeSueur, Joe You were a bastard for being so fucking good in bed, or The Unmentionable, 1982

Lippard, Lucy R. Pop Art 1966

The Manipulator Issue #2, 1984

Muller, Gregoire and Gianfranco Gargoni The New Avant-garde: Issues for the Art of the Seventies 1972

New Observations #8, 1983

Oldenburg, Claes Notes in Hand 1971

Rockman, Alexis Guyana 1996

Russo, Vito The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies Revised Edition, 1987

Sarfati, Patrick Athletes 1990

Sarfati, Patrick Illusions: photographies 1985

Seidner, David The Face of Contemporary Art 1996

Shaw, Jim Thrift Store Paintings 1990

Shiney International #2, 1987

Solomon, Alan and Ugo Mulas New York: The New Art Scene 1967

Susan Mini Mag vo. 1 Winter Solstice, vol. 2 Spring Equinox ca. 1992

Taschen, Benedikt Tom of Finland 1992

Top Stories, a Prose Periodical #19-20 Cookie Mueller, How to Get Rid of Pimples, 1984

Tracks: A Journal of Artists' Writings 3:3 Fall 1977

True Homosexual Experiences from S.T.H.: Flesh vol. 2, 1982

White, Edmund Loss Within Loss: Artists in the Age of AIDS 2001

Winters, Terry Ocular Proofs

Wong, Martin Eureka 1976 [inscribed to Frank Moore by artist]

Catalogues Removed to Fales Downtown Collection

Abstract Implosionism, February 2-February 10, Ted Greewald Gallery Inc. New York

"American Bricolage" November 2- December 22 Sperone Westwater, New York

Jan Aronson, undated

Arts' Communicties/AIDS Communities: Realizing the Archive Project, February 20-March 3, 1996 Cyclorama, Boston

Bellamy, Peter. The Artist Project Information

Bellamy, Peter. New Portraits from teh Artist Project, October 29-November 23, 1985, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York

Bid for LIfe: A Tribute to Robert C. Wooley June 26, 1995 Sotheby's, New York

Brainard, Joe. Retrospective, March 20-April 19, 1997. Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York

Chaet, Bernard. February 26-April4, 1998. New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture

Alan E. and Ellen Cober Collection, September 28-October 31, 1995. Giampietro, New York

Concurrencies, an exhibition curated by Lucio Pozzi and William Chambers, December 10-January 9, 1993. Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York

Connelly, Chuck. April 17-May 11, 1997. Alexandre de Folin, New York

Cooper Union Museum. Recent Acquisitions, 1964

Creative Time: 1989-1990.

Creative Time: 1991-1992. 1993, New York

Dugdale, John. Special Portfolio of Platinum Prints, 1996. Wessel O'Connor Gallery, New York

Episalla, Joy. inside/out. September 9-October 9, 1999. Debs and Co. New York

Episalla, Joy. Removed. February 15-March 23, 2002. Debs and Co. New York

Falk, Gary. A Monograph, Feb 8, 1954. October 1, 1986 New York.

Fazzolari, Bruno. Today is the Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday. February 17-March 25, 2000, Debs and Co. New York.

The Figure as Fiction: The Figure in Visual Art and Literature. Curated by Alaine A. King. December 3, 1993-January 23, 1994. The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

From Media to Metaphor: Art About AIDS. Robert Atkins and Thomas W. Sokolowski guest curators. September-October 1993, Grey Art Gallery adn Study Center, New York University

Graham, Rodney and bruc Nauman. "...the nearest faraway place..." May 10, 2000-Spring 2001, Dia Center for the Arts, New York City.

Guston, Philip. Small Paintings and Drawings 1968-1980. March 2000, McKee Gallery, New York

Hammond, Jane. Back Stage-Secrets of Scene Painting. January 18-April 5, 2002. Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris.

Hammond, Jane. From Avatar to Zed. September 29-October 27, 2001. Galerie Lelong, New York

Hammond, Jane. The John Ashbery Collaboration. December 13 2001- March 3, 2002. Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art

Hammond, Jane. The John Ashbery Collaboration. Jose Freire Fine Art Inc, New York

Hannah, Duncan. Arrivals and Departures. September 18-October 18, 1997. Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York

Hannah, Duncan. First Love and Other Paintings. October 12-November 11, 1995. Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York

Heap of Birds, Hachivi Edgar. Claim Your Color. September 8-May 6, 1990. Exit Art, New York.

Heiferman, Marvin adn Carole Kismaric. Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution. September 9-October 20, 2000. Exit Art New York. [Includes essay by Frank Moore]

Holliday, Frank. Wah-Wah Series. Debs and Co. New York

Honsby, Rob. Anniversary. Debs and Co. New York

Humphrey, David. Love Teams: Paintings 1996-1997. March 20-April 18, 1998, Zolla Leiberman Gallery Inc.

Joelson, Suzanne. Family. November 19-December 19, 1998. Debs and Co. New York

Juarez, Roberto. The Entered The Road. January 3-July 1, 1995. Center for the Fine Arts. Miami

Kaplowitz, Jane. Recent Paintings. March 25-May 1, 1993. Jason McCoy Inc. New York

Katchadourain, Nina Talking Popcorn, Paranormal Postcards, and Indecision on the Moon January 13-February 24 2001 at Debs and Co.

Kortick, Roy. (Masters of the Impossible) MOTI. Debs and Co. New York

Krasner, Lee. Paintings from the Late Fifties. October 26-November 20, 1982. Robert Miller Gallery, New York

Kuitca, Guillermo. Poema Peagogico. Sperone Westwater, New York

Lerner, Marily, David Provan, Kris Ruhs, Lynton Wells, Terry Zupanc. Invitational. 1990. Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York.

Lincoln, Paul Etienne. A Violet Somnambulist Spiriting the Fugacious Bloom: An Investigation into Ignisfatuus and its mechanisms of memory. March 11-April 15, 2000. Alexander adn Bonin, New York

Lionni, Leo. Parallel Botany, Sculptures and Drawings. October 11-November 5, 1977. Staempfli, New York

The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age. Museum of Modern Art, New York

Marden, Brice. 1975. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Martin, Chris. Long Lake and In the Lake. February 1-March 31, 2001. Malca Fine Art, New York

Martin, Chris. April 4028. Pierogi, Brooklyn New York.

Metz, Mike. 12 Monuments. January 9-27. 55 Mercer Gallery, New York

Montanez Ortiz, Rafael. Years of the Warrior 1960, Years of teh Psyche 1988. March 26-May 22, 1988. Museo del Barrio, New York

Negroponte, George. Recent Paintings. March 8-April 22, 1995. Mason McCoy Inc New York

Nelson, David. 2000. Debs and Co. New York

Neshat, Shirin. Turbulent. October 23, 1998-January 15, 1999. Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris.

Nudo and Crudo. January 25-March 16, 1996. Claudia Gina Ferrari Art Contemporanea, Milan.

Pardo, Jorge. Project. September 13-June 17, 2001. Dia Center for the Arts, New York City

Pictures, an exhibition of the work of Try Brauntuch, Jack Goldstein, Sherrie Levine, Robert Longo, Philip Smith. September 24-October 29, 1977. Artists Space. New York

Pierre et Gilles. December 6, 1990-January 8, 1991. Hirschl adn Adler Modern, New York

Prospect 96 Potographie der Gegenwartskunst. March 9-May 12, 1996

Redon, Odilon. Selections from the Woodner Family Collection. April 9-May 28, 1993. The Drawing Center.

Rooms. June 9-26, 1976. P.S. 1, New York

Rotick, Roy. New Paintings. October 15-November 14, 1998. Debs and Co. New York

Row, David. 1993. John GOod Gallery, New York

Salle, David. January 14- March 29, 1987. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Sandrow, Hope. Water of Life. July 24-October 9, 1988. Whiteny Museum of American Art at Philip Morris.

Senser, Andreas. Selected Works by Andreas Senser.

Serios, Ted. Phenomena: A Selection of Photographs. Marta Cervera Gallery, New York

Sillman, Amy. February 27-April 4, 1998. Casey Kaplan, New York

di Suvero, Mark. November 13, 1875-February 8, 1976. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Tapies, Antonio. Objects from the Early Seventies. November 18-December 30, 19xx. Marta Cervera Gallery, New York

Telfair, Tula. Constructed Landscapes: Series III and IV. April 9-May 16, 1998. DFN Gallery, New York

Tufte, Edward. Visual Explanations: Prints and Sculptures. November 11, 2000-January 13, 2001. Artists Space, New York

Tzaig, Uri. Duel. September 9-October 28, 2000. Artists Space New York

Usle, Juan. 22 Riviera Blue, 40 Ruby. November 12-December 19, 1992. John Good Gallery, New York.

Visual AIDS in collaboration with Real Art Ways. Bodies of Resistance, curated by Barbara Hunt. December 1, 1999-January 30, 2000 in Hartford Connecticut. July 2-20, 2000 at Interntional AIDS Conference, Durban, South Africa.

Wasserman, Jeffrey. 1986. Daniel Newburg Gallery.

Wasserman, Jeffrey. Virtual Garrison. New York.

Weatherford, Mary. Easter. March 28-April 29, 1998. Debs and Co. New York

Wegman, William. Why Draw? March-April, 1990. Sperone Westwater, New York.

Whitney Museum of American Art. 1995 Biennial Exhibition. [includes Frank Moore's Art]

Whitney Museum of American Art. The Power of the City, The City of Power. 1991-1992

Yamaoka, Carrie. (t)here. January 6-February 12, 2000. Debs and Co, New York.

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Immediate Source of Acquisition

The Frank Moore Papers were donated to the Fales Library and Special Collections by the Gesso Foundation in 2003. In July 2020, Patrick Orton donated an accretion to the collection; the accession number associated with this addition is 2020.033.