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Guide to The Boys' Club of New York Records
 MS 3000

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Collection processed by Susan Kriete

This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on September 10, 2021
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Container List

Series II: Programs and Operations

Scope and Contents Note

This series contains documents relating to the operation of the clubhouses and of various specific programs administered by BCNY. It is arranged into the following five subseries:

Subseries II.1, Meetings and Reports, contains minutes of staff meetings, strategic plans, and other papers relating to the general administration of BCNY.

Subseries II.2, Dental Clinic, consists primarily of minutes of the Clinic's Board of Directors meetings.

Subseries II.3, Education Program, contains reports, pamphlets, and articles relating to a scholarship program that places BCNY members in private preparatory schools and colleges, and to other literacy and vocational initiatives.

Subseries II.4, Other Programs, includes materials relating to Athletic Program events, jobs and vocational programs, and health programs. In addition, this subseries includes materials describing BCNY's traditional "Group Club" model, under which boys organize into smaller groups or "clubs" headed by a staff member or volunteer group leader.

Subseries II.5, Building Operations, includes materials relating to the physical operation of the clubhouses, as well as demographic information about the neighborhoods where they are located.

Subseries II.1: Meetings and Reports

Scope and Contents Note

This subseries includes memoranda, reports and correspondence relating to staff meetings and organizational planning. Materials include detailed evaluations of BCNY programs and interesting descriptions of the communities in which they served.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 21 Folder : 9 Executive Staff Conference
Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 1 Trustee/Executive Staff meetings

Related Archival Materials Note

See also Subseries I.2.B, Trustee/Executive Files (Sisti, Anthony, Box 13, Folder 1).

Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 2 "The Boys' Club of New York: It's Needs Today and in the Future"
Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 2 Strategic plan
Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 3 Clubhouse Director's Report

Subseries II.2: Dental Clinic

Scope and Contents Note

The Dental Clinic was incorporated in 1923 and eventually operated in each of BCNY's clubhouse buildings. This subseries includes meeting minutes, correspondence, and related materials describing the clinic's financial and medical operations.

Note that access to Dental Board meeting minutes is restricted for 35 years from the date of creation. Materials that were subject to restriction at the time this finding aid was created are identified in the box and folder list.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 4 Board minutes
Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 5 Board minutes
Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 6 Board minutes
Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 7 Board minutes
Offsite-Box: 22 Folder : 7 Board minutes
Offsite-Box: 23 Folder : 1 Board minutes
Offsite-Box: 23 Folder : 2 Board minutes (RESTRICTED UNTIL 2024)
Offsite-Box: 23 Folder : 3 Board minutes (RESTRICTED UNTIL 2030)
Offsite-Box: 23 Folder : 4 Board minutes (RESTRICTED UNTIL 2037)
Offsite-Box: 23 Folder : 5 Manual of Operations/By-laws/Presentation
1979, 2006
Offsite-Box: 23 Folder : 6 Regulatory documents
1990's - 2000's
Offsite-Box: 23 Folder : 7 Correspondence and articles
Offsite-Box: 24 Folder : 1 Correspondence and articles

Subseries II.3: Education Program

Scope and Contents Note

This subseries consists primarily of reports, pamphlets and articles describing BCNY's Education Program. Established in the early 1950's with funds from former trustee Victor Morawetz, the program provides scholarships for members to attend prominent preparatory schools and colleges. Also included are materials relating to the summer school BCNY opened in 1985 in Bound Brook, New Jersey (Camp Northover, later renamed Camp Cromwell) and after-school literacy programs administered by the Women's Board.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 24 Folder : 2 Education Pilot Project - Survey of Tompkins Square Building
Offsite-Box: 24 Folder : 3 History of Education Program
1939-1941, 1981
Offsite-Box: 24 Folder : 4 Education Program Annual Report
Offsite-Box: 24 Folder : 5 Education Program Annual Report
Offsite-Box: 24 Folder : 6 Education Program Annual Report
Offsite-Box: 24 Folder : 7 Education Program Annual Report
Offsite-Box: 24 Folder : 8 Education Program Annual Report
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 1-2 Education Program Bulletins and publications
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 3 Pamphlets
1980's - 1990's
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 4 Mahoney Scholarship
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 5 Dinner for Charles Sikoryak, Education Program Director
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 6 Camp Northover School, Reports
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 7 Classroom, Inc.
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 8 After-School Literacy Programs: READ
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 9 Independent School Placement Program, 50th Anniversary
Offsite-Box: 25 Folder : 10-11 Background articles on boys' education
1960's, 2000's

Subseries II.4: Other Programs

Scope and Contents Note

This subseries contains materials on various programs instituted by BCNY to serve their membership. It includes correspondence and ephemera relating to Athletic Program events, including two trans-Atlantic amateur boxing matches against the London Federation of Boys' Clubs in the 1950's; documents relating to BCNY's jobs program; documents relating to Saturday programming at the clubhouses; and applications for and descriptions of various programs aimed at promoting health and good character.

There are also several folders of material (primarily memos and correspondence) regarding BCNY's "Group Club" program, which continues the approach introduced by first Superintendent Frances Tabor of organizing boys into small groups or "clubs" headed by a staff member or volunteer group leader. Group leaders are typically successful businessmen who serve as role models and mentors, including many BCNY trustees.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 26 Folder : 1-5 Athletics: London Boxing Tournament
1952-1954, 1957
Offsite-Box: 26 Folder : 6 Athletics: USA Abbe Swim Team Meets
Offsite-Box: 26 Folder : 7-8 Group Club/Volunteer Leaders Program
Offsite-Box: 27 Folder : 1-6 Jobs Program
Offsite-Box: 27 Folder : 6 Project B.O.L.D.
circa 1998
Offsite-Box: 28 Folder : 1 Saturday programs
Offsite-Box: 28 Folder : 2 Ethics and Morality Program
Offsite-Box: 28 Folder : 3-4 Health and Physical Fitness Program
Offsite-Box: 28 Folder : 5-7 Health and Wellness Taskforce

Subseries II.5: Building Operations

Scope and Contents Note

This subseries includes documents relating to BCNY's various clubhouses, including title documents, proposals for branches, and construction and condition surveys. The branch proposals set forth building details and statistical information about the neighborhood supporting the need for BCNY's services, including demographics, density and prevalence of crime. There is also a folder of statistical reports providing detailed information about the membership and programs of the Jefferson Park Clubhouse in the 1980's.

Access to documents relating to the construction of the Marion McMahon Abbe Clubhouse are restricted for 35 years from the date of creation, as noted in the box and folder list.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 29 Folder : 1 Title to 10th Street Property
1888, 1899
Offsite-Box: 29 Folder : 2 Proposed New Branch, East 111th Street
Offsite-Box: 29 Folder : 3 Plan for New Branch (Tompkins Square)
Offsite-Box: 29 Folder : 4 Statistical Reports
Offsite-Box: 29 Folder : 5 Proposal for Book/Game Room
Offsite-Box: 29 Folder : 6-7 Construction Survey/Repointing repairs, Jefferson Park Clubhouse
Offsite-Box: 29 Folder : 7 Condition Survey, Camp Northover
Offsite-Box: 30 Folder : 1 Condition Survey, Tompkins Square Clubhouse
Offsite-Box: 30 Folder : 2 Condition Survey, South Queens Boys and Girls Club
Oversize: Medium Folder : BCNY OS 1 Architectural plans, Harriman (formerly Tompkins Square) Building renovations
Offsite-Box: 30 Folder : 3-4 Correspondence and memos regarding construction of Marion McMahon Abbe Clubhouse (RESTRICTED UNTIL 2039)

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