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Guide to the William Thompson Dewart Collection of
Frank A. Munsey and New York  Sun Papers
 MS 168

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Container List

Series V: Photograph morgue, New York Sun

Scope and Contents

This series consists of an indexed file of film and glass plate negatives from the Sun's archives. The images are mainly portraits of authors, artists and business and political figures who were prominent in the 1930's and 1940's. In addition to "famous" figures of the time, there are images of more obscure figures such as judges, FBI agents, and corporate officers. Portraits of Sun staff are also included. There are also a few photographs of events and places.

The series is organized into three subseries: Subseries V.1, Card catalog; Subseries V.2, Glass negatives; and Subseries V.3, Film negatives.

The file card catalog in Subseries V.1 serves as an index to the negatives in Subseries V.2 and V.3. The catalog is arranged alphabetically. Portraits are arranged by the sitter's last name; other images are arranged mainly by location, such as "City of New York," or "India." Each card lists the number of the corresponding negative in the upper right hand corner. In some but not all cases, a photographic print is also attached.

Negatives are individually sleeved and identified only by number. They are arranged sequentially, but film and glass negatives (which were originally interspersed) have been re-housed separately. This means that there are two possible locations for any specific negative number; accordingly, researchers looking for a particular negative should request the box with the appropriate range of negative numbers from both Subseries V.2, Glass negative, and V.3, Film negatives.

Film negatives, which are nitrate film and are held in cold storage, must be requested at least 72 hours in advance and require a confirmed appointment to view.

Negative numbers preceded by a letter are apparently not included in the card index. Identifying information for a few of these images is provided on the negative sleeve, but most are not identified. Among the subjects depicted are an early automobile race and a trip to Hawaii.

Subseries V.1: File card catalog

Container 1     Title Date
Box: 16 Index cards A-C
circa 1930's-1940's
Box: 17 Index cards C-F
circa 1930's-1940's
Box: 18 Index cards F-H
circa 1930's-1940's
Box: 19 Index cards H-M
circa 1930's-1940's
Box: 20 Index cards M-R
circa 1930's-1940's
Box: 21 Index cards R-W
circa 1930's-1940's
Box: 22 Index cards W-Z
circa 1930's-1940's
Box: 22 Unidentified prints
circa 1930's-1940's

Subseries V.2: Glass negatives

Container 1     Title Date
Box: 23 Glass negatives (10-5 to 11-39)
Box: 24 Glass negatives (11-40 to 11-130)
Box: 25 Glass negatives (11-138 to 12-49)
Box: 26 Glass negatives (12-50 to 12-159)
Box: 27 Glass negatives (12-166 to 13-54)
Box: 28 Glass negatives (13-55 to 14-7)
Box: 29 Glass negatives (14-8 to 15-51)
Box: 30 Glass negatives (15-52 to 16-27)
Box: 31 Glass negatives (16-28 to 17-15)
Box: 32 Glass negatives (17-16 to 17-72)
Box: 33 Glass negatives (17-74 to 19-31)
Box: 34 Glass negatives (20-5 to 12-28)
Box: 35 Glass negatives (21-29 to 22-23)
Box: 36 Glass negatives (22-29 to 22-83)
Box: 37 Glass negatives (22-84 to 23-42)
Box: 38 Glass negatives (24-1 to 26-1)
Box: 39 Glass negatives (26-2 to 28-4)
Box: 40 Glass negatives (28-5 to 28-84)
Box: 41 Glass negatives (28-85 to 29-22)
Box: 42 Glass negatives (29-23 to 32-4)
Box: 43 Glass negatives (32-5 to 32-89)
Box: 44 Glass negatives (32-91 to Z-250)

Subseries V.3: Film negatives

Scope and Contents

These film negatives, which are nitrate film and are held in cold storage, must be requested at least 72 hours in advance and require a confirmed appointment to view.

Container 1     Title Date
Box: 45 Film negatives (10-1 to 11-181)
Box: 46 Film negatives (11-182 to 13-98)
Box: 47 Film negatives (13-100 to 15-76)
Box: 48 Film negatives (15-79 to 17-20)
Box: 49 Film negatives (17-29 to 21-9)
Box: 50 Film negatives (21-34 to 22-202)
Box: 51 Film negatives (23-3 to 28-185)
Box: 51A Film negatives (24-6 to 27-81)
Box: 52 Film negatives (28-186 to 32-115)
Box: 53 Film negatives (32-116 to A-15-39)
Box: 54 Film negatives (A-15-40 to A-27-8)
Box: 55 Film negatives (A-28 to A-53-61)
Box: 56 Film negatives (A-54-1 to C-15-9)
Box: 57 Film negatives (C-17 to M-4-103)
Box: 58 Film negatives (M-4-11.1 to Z-159)
Box: 59 Film negatives (Z-161 to Z-236-9.14)
Box: 60 Film negatives (Z-236-9.15 to Z-293)

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