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Guide to the Henry R. Luce Papers
1894-2004 (bulk, 1932-1967)
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Container List

Series VII. Clare Booth Luce (CBL) Subject Files, circa 1925?-1995 (bulk 1935-1975). 1.75 Linear feet

Arrangement Note

The series is arranged roughly in alphabetical order.

Scope and Contents Note

The series consists of materials compiled on Clare Boothe Luce (hereafter CBL) or which had originally belonged to her. File content includes various versions of short biographies and background information; a large number of clippings from newspapers and magazines; translations of stories about her from the Brazilian press; correspondence regarding her memoirs; memoranda discussing a move to Brazil and her writing for Time Inc.; her articles and other writing; reel audio tapes of her interview, with a transcript; a reel film of her swimming; a large number of photographs of her by herself, with notable individuals and with Henry R. Luce; letters of condolences received after her death; and mostly copies of correspondence to and from her written in the years following HRL's death.

Access Restrictions

The reel tapes in this series are restricted due to a lack of availability of the necessary playback equipment and current lack of a surrogate version.

Biographical Note

Clare Boothe Luce was born Ann Clare Boothe in New York City on 10 March 1903. She married George Tuttle Brokaw in 1923, having her only child, Ann Clare Brokaw in 1924. After divorcing George Brokaw, Clare Boothe Luce worked for the publisher Condé Nast, eventually becoming managing editor ofVanity Fair, before leaving to pursue other writing projects. In 1935 she married Henry R. Luce. During the early part of the marriage, Clare Boothe Luce became a very successful writer, publishing a number of plays that included "The Women."

In 1942 she was elected to the United States House of Representatives (D-CT), serving two terms from 1943 to 1947. She converted to Catholicism in 1946 and was later appointed ambassador to Italy by President Eisenhower in which capacity she served from 1953-1956. In 1959 she was nominated and confirmed as ambassador to Brazil but did not take the post. She died on 9 October 1987 in Washington D.C.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 163 Folder : 6 Biography

Scope and Contents

Includes CBL's memorial book, and a postcard advertising the program "Clare Boothe Luce: Hell on Heels."

Box: 165 Folder : 1-2 Brazil Ambassadorial Post - Emmet J. Hughes Memos (2 folders)

Scope and Contents

Contains memos from Time Inc.'s Rio de Janeiro Bureau to Emmet John Hughes regarding the coverage in Brazilian press of CBL's appointment as ambassador, and original clippings in Portuguese.

Box: 165 Folder : 3 Brazil Ambassadorial Post - Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

Correspondents include Turner Catledge, Charles Merz, John R. Beal, George de Carvalho, John L. Steele, and President Eisenhower (copy).

Box: 164 Folder : 1 Condolences
Box: 183 Folder : 5 Personal Letter from Clare Boothe Luce to Henry R. Luce

Scope and Contents Note

This folder was added to the series from a different location. Contains an emotional letter written by CBL to HRL after finding out that he was having an affair. The letter was removed from the Time Inc. Archives by Lillian Owens, sealed and then sent to the Luce Estate. Owens included a brief note regarding her actions on the envelope she sealed the letter in.

circa 1956-1960
Box: 165 Folder : 4 Photographs

Scope and Contents

Includes portraits of CBL wearing pearls (by John Dominis) with negative, CBL surrounded by leaves, sitting outside in a deckchair next to an unidentified man, playing tennis, slalom-skiing? behind a boat, in bathing suit being held by a man, in formal wear next to unidentified man (by Julian Wasser), sitting and talking to an unidentified man in cafe, at home in Hawaii and photo of her painting hanging in Hawaii (both by Chuck O'Rear), two color slides of CBL speaking on stage, CBL clutching her dress outside of Radio City Music Hall for the premiere of the movie "MacArthur," CBL receiving a saber from Cadet Brigade Commander Vincent L. Brooks on behalf of the cadets at U.S. Military Academy, and HRL and CBL at a party (by Walter Daran).

Also includes photos of HRL with a group of individuals holding guns and dead turkeys, HRL holding and wearing a large number of Hawaiian leis, HRL wearing a cowboy hat and denim, a group of six unidentified children standing in line holding each other's shoulders, group of unidentified children with HRL, HRL with Jo Davidson making adjustments to a bust of HRL, a group consisting of Don Longwell, Mary Fraser Longwell, HRL, Allen Grover, Bea Grover? Bernard Barnes? and Jo Davison, HRL with his son? tying a tie, and HRL in boots with his son Henry Luce III holding a dead goose.

circa 1930-1985
Box: 182 Folder : 1 Photographs (folder 1 of 4)

Scope and Contents Note

This and the following three folders were added to the series from a different location. Includes photos of CBL, HRL and Mrs. Chiang Kai-shek walking between two lines of children in China, CBL speaking in front of microphones with Wendell Willkie sitting nearby, various shots of CBL at the 1944 Republican National Convention including her speaking with raised arms and holding a Connecticut sign, CBL playing a game with her daughter Ann Brokaw, various portraits of CBL, CBL on a boat in Venice, CBL next to an unidentified woman in China, CBL with Chiang Kia-shek and other individuals, CBL visiting an Italian convent, CBL with Albert Einstein and other individuals, CBL's campaign sign for Congress on the side of a vehicle, CBL sitting at a desk while serving in Congress, CBL wearing a flight suit with HRL and an unidentified man in a military uniform, HRL with CBL at a United China Relief event, portrait of HRL with CBL, CBL standing in a trench in Burma during World War II with two men, CBL visiting a wounded man in a hospital, reviewing soldiers from Connecticut, aiming a gun, sitting in an L-5 observcation plane, and other photos from her visit to Italy during World War II, CBL shaking hands with General Douglas MacArthur, CBL with Eleanor Roosevelt, CBL with Shirley Temple during a Hollywood screen test, CBL with the duke and duchess of Windsor; CBL with Richard Nixon; CBL standing with a photo camera between two men in India or Burma, CBL talking with General Elmer Adler in Cairo, CBL standing in front of a tank, childhood portrait of CBL, portrait of CBL's mother, CBL aboard a ship with her mother, CBL with Ann Brokaw, HRL, CBL, Douglas Fairbanks and an unidentified woman, reclining portrait of Ann Brokaw, possible baby photo of CBL being held by her mother, CBL surrounded by a group of men in military uniforms inside the Stage Door Canteen, and CBL with Dwight D. Eisenhower.

circa 1905-1980
Box: 182 Folder : 2 Photographs (folder 2 of 4)

Scope and Contents Note

Includes photos of CBL at the 1944 Republican National Convention, CBL giving an electoral speech at a rally with broadsides of various candidates hanging above her, two children (possibly CBL and her brother David), CBL speaking to a group of women during a press conference, CBL in a flight suit next to a airplane, CBL meeting Pope Pius XII, CBL with HRL and John and Jackie Kennedy, CBL holding a dog next to Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein, CBL holding a parrot in Hawaii; CBL extending her hand to a bowing man; CBL sitting next to and listening to Dwight D. Eisenhower, CBL walking with Gerald Ford in Hawaii, CBL with Eisenhower at Pontifical Mass for the dead Pope Pius XII in Washington D.C., CBL with raised hands at a a possible political rally at the Bridgeport Central High School, CBL sitting outside with Bernard Baruch, CBL shaking hands with Chiang Kai-shek, various photos of CBL with her mother, CBL walking just ahead of Winston Churchill, various portraits of CBL as a child, teenager, and adult, CBL wearing a wedding dress, CBL with George Tuttle Brokaw, various photos of CBL with her daughter Ann Brokaw, portrait of CBL as the managing editor of Vanity Fair, CBL lounging while holding a dog, Ann Brokaw surfing while sitting on the shoulders of a man, CBL speaking to a man in military uniform, Randolph Churchill in a lounge chair, CBL possibly in Burma with an unidentified man, Henry Luce III as a child aboard a ship, group shot of CBL probably in China with men in suits and military uniforms, Bernard Baruch; possibly CBL on a surfboard; and CBL sitting on the porch of her Hawaii home.

circa 1905-1980
Box: 182 Folder : 3 Photographs (folder 3 of 4)

Scope and Contents Note

Includes photos of CBL bargaining with a lamp-vendor in Cairo, CBL with a man acting in the play "Candida," CBL in front of a set of microphones on stage possibly during a political rally, CBL being photographed by two men while sitting at a desk, CBL signing a large sheet of paper with Mrs. Chiang Kai-shek, CBL reviewing a group of soldiers next to a tank in Italy, CBL sitting at the head of a long table in the capasity of the Italian Ambassador with a group of men, unidentified group shot of women, portrait of an unidentified man, CBL's father playing a violin, Ann Brokaw as a baby, CBL possibly at the White House with President Eisenhower, Italian Premier Mario Scelba, and other individuals, CBL sitting on steps and surrounded by shrubbery (possibly at Mepkin), and various portraits of CBL.

circa 1905-1980
Box: 181 Folder : 6 Photographs (folder 4 of 4) - oversize

Scope and Contents Note

Includes photos of CBL with HRL inside and outside their house at the Mapkin estate, CBL possibly at the White House with President Eisenhower, Italian Premier Mario Scelba, and other individuals, CBL holding a hat with the word "Ike" writton on top at a political rally possibly next to Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., CBL with President Eisenhower and Archbishop Patrick O'Boyle, a portrait of CBL and HRL, photo signed by Lusha Nelson of CBL posing as a nun, Ann Brokaw with Shirley Temple (signed "To Ann Love, Shirley Temple"), full body portrait of CBL wearing a fur type hat, CBL with HRL looking at two cows, CBL with HRL looking at a large pumpkin, various photos of CBL with HRL and Mario Scelba, group shot with CBL, HRL and Winston Churchill, various photos of CBL with HRL; and various portraits of CBL.

circa 1905-1980
Box: 183 Folder : 6 Photographs

Scope and Contents Note

This folder was added to the series from a different location. Includes a copy of an inventory of CBL's photographs and a clipping of CBL's portrait painted by Gerald Brockhurst wearing a Chinese costume. Photos are almost exclusively copies made by LIFE. These include CBL with a man on a boat; unidentified group and individual shots; a group of children with Henry Luce III and Anne Clare Brokaw with one leg raised; a young girl bent over the knee of an older woman; group shot of youths playing croquet; Jo Davidson sitting outside; Henry Luce III with two boys playing a board game; HRL and other individuals wearing hats; Joseph P. Kennedy with an unidentified woman aboard a ship and side shot of him standing at the railing; group shots of individuals wearing bathing suits; boy with a dog; man standing next to a painting of CBL; Gertrude Stein; M. T. Moore and two boys on horses; CBL with a man on a surfboard and sitting on his shoulders; group shot of men in military uniforms sitting outside of a cafe; HRL sitting on a beach between two young girls; CBL sitting on a couch; CBL with Henry Luce III and other children and adults with clenched fists raised; CBL in a large hat walking with a group of Chinese men; and a group of women, possibly from the play "The Women." There are also CBL's portraits and portrait negatives, and eight color slides of a possible priest; individuals in a carriage and CBL standing with a man surrounded by plants.

circa 1930-1980
Box: 166 Folder : 5 Photographs of HRL

Scope and Contents

Includes photos of HRL speaking to an unidentified man in a park, in an amusement park riding "the whip," outside with four unidentified individuals, in a boat with sailors wearing life vests (China?), reading a book on a deckchair (on a ship?), standing next to his own bust facing Jo Davidson, walking out of an Orthodox church?, and a profile portrait.

circa 1925-1960
Box: 182 Folder : 4 Photographs and Printed Materials (folder 1 of 2)

Scope and Contents Note

Includes a photo of Elsa Maxwell at a formal event, copies of various CBL photographs, CBL campaign brochure from her 1942 run for Congress, magazine with CBL on the cover consisting of Harper's Magazine,  Esquire, and  Newsweek, and various clippings regarding CBL.

circa 1935-1994
Box: 181 Folder : 7 Photographs and Printed Materials (folder 2 of 2) - oversize

Scope and Contents Note

Includes the cover of Look with a picture of CBL.

Box: 164 Folder : 1-5 Publicity (6 folders)

Scope and Contents

Folder 1: Includes a photograph of a young Henry Luce III next to a flag, two photographs of a group of actresses (from the play "The Women"?), and negatives of CBL's portraits and with a reporter? and photographer interviewing CBL.

Folder 2: Includes a memo from Lilian Rixey to Felix Belair, Jr. reporting on the Women's National Press Club dinner attended by CBL, and an original signed letter from Roy L. Smith.

Folder 3: Includes the cover of the magazine She with CBL, and a note signed by CBL.

Folder 5: Includes translations of Italian articles on CBL, and original signed letters from Harry Evans and John Fischer.

Folder 6: Includes an issue of Newsweek with CBL on the cover.

Box: 164 Folder : 5 Reminiscences (folder 1 of 3)

Scope and Contents

Includes a partial transcript of a telephone conversation with CBL on the subject of HRL's illnesses, and a memo on a lunch with her.

Box: 177 Folder : 1 Reminiscences (folder 2 of 3)[Restricted]

Scope and Contents

Contains a large reel tape with CBL's interview of 9 October 1967.

Offsite-Box: RC18 Reminiscences (folder 3 of 3)[Restricted]

Scope and Contents Note

Contains a small reel tape with CBL's interview of 9 October 1967.

Box: 164 Folder : 5 Reminiscences - Transcripts

Scope and Contents

Contains transcripts for CBL's interviews with Robert Elson on 9 October 1967 and 13 June 1968.

Box: 164 Folder : 6 Sports Illustrated Film (folder 1 of 2)

Scope and Contents

Includes cards mailed back by TV stations to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED commenting on the use of a CBL film clip scuba diving in the Bahamas.

Offsite-Box: RC18 Sports Illustrated Film (folder 2 of 2)[Restricted]

Scope and Contents

Contains a film reel of CBL swimming.

circa 1958
Box: 165 Folder : 5 Writings for Time Inc.

Scope and Contents

Includes carbon and typescript copies of cables from CBL giving her findings and impressions from Paris, Brussels, Rome, and Burma, copies of correspondence dealing with CBL's memoirs, and drafts of CBL's articles "Woman Cosmonaut" and "Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?" Also includes an original signed letter from CBL to Ralph Graves.

Box: 165 Folder : 6 Miscellaneous (1 of 5 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes a carbon copy of a 1931 memo from CBL to Conde Nast regarding the purchase of LIFE Magazine, a copy of a memo to Mr. Freeman regarding a departure in editorial formula, original signed letters from CBL, research materials collected by CBL on Admiral Thomas Charles Hart, a typescript copy of a letter announcing CBL's decision regarding running for Congress, original signed letter from Congressman L. H. Gavin, and reports dealing with mentions of CBL in the press and appearance on radio.

Box: 166 Folder : 1-4 Miscellaneous (4 of 5 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes a photograph of CBL and Gino Prato sitting at the Donney Bar in Italy holding an issue of Newsweek, a photograph of Marga Boodts in bed, a carbon copy of a contract between CBL and Time Inc. for her memoirs, a program from the dedication ceremony of the Clare Boothe Luce Memorial Conference Room at Georgetown University, excerpts from CBL's speech "The Inner Space Proposition," a CBL memorial book, a copy of a draft of the article "The Doll's House - 1970," a memo from Betty Dunn to Dave Maness regarding men with sex appeal, copies of CBL's response to the first issue of PEOPLE Magazine, and a letter from CBL written to TIME protesting the editorial asking for President Nixon's resignation following Watergate. Correspondents include Frank B. Gibney, James R. Shepley, Gilbert Miller, Ruth Marton, Frank Pace Jr., and Jamie Hamilton.


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