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Guide to the John Zuccotti Papers
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Container List

Series V. Speeches and Other Presentations, 1967-2015. 3.25 Linear feet

Scope and Contents

The series includes materials related to Zuccotti's appearances as a speaker on various occasions over the years. Perhaps the most coherent part of the series are the opening files, which include speeches, remarks and logistical briefing notes for Zuccotti's years in the 1970s on the City Planning Commission and as Deputy Mayor, and for a few occasions after the 1970s. Much of the series, however, includes working files for the 1980s and forward, that is, files of rough outlines and reference materials, often associated with multiple or unclear events. To the extent that some of this material was found together during processing, it was kept together, such as the file of material used in the 1980s to recall the New York City fiscal crisis of the 1970s. Most material though was found disorganized and was fashioned into rough chronologies or themes by the processing archivist. Detailed content of these working files is noted in the container list. The series also includes syllabuses, readings, some student work, and other material related to Zuccotti's work as an adjunct law professor at Yale in the mid-1980s and at Columbia in the 1990s.


The series is roughly organized, opening with files of identifiable speeches and writings, followed by working files of reference material and notes. The series closes with files related to courses Zuccotti taught at Yale and Columbia.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 7 Folder : 11-12 Speeches. City Planning Commission and Deputy Mayor. Binder Content (2 folders)
Offsite-Box: 7 Folder : 13-20 Speeches and Briefing Sheets (8 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes remarks, drafts, itineraries, talking points, programs, logistical information, and other documents related to remarks delivered by Zuccotti while Deputy Mayor. Organizations include, among others, Local 237 Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund, Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, Annual Music Awards Banquet, 100 Black Men, Sydenham Hospital, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, the new Health Systems Agency, Convention of Sanitation Officers Local 444, testimonial dinner (with program) for Dr. Jose E. Arraras, Christian Brothers Boys Association, New York Law School Alumni Association, Proxmire Committee, Real Estate Board of New York, HEW Secretary Joseph Califano, Civil Service Technical Guild, New York Market Radio Broadcasters Association, Work in America Institute Conference, American Jewish Congress, and Celanese Corp. Includes an Executive Summary of the report from the Mayor's Management Advisory Board (1976)

1975 September-1977 June
Offsite-Box: 7 Folder : 21 "Turning The Profit Motive to Public Advantage"

Scope and Contents

Includes the agenda and other advance materials for this seminar sponsored by the New York City Law Department's Economic Development Division and Columbia University Center for Law and Economic Studies. Includes the transcript of Zuccotti's comments as panelist on the subject "Integrating the Public Process with Private Sector Development Techniques."

Offsite-Box: 7 Folder : 22 Speeches (Folder 1 of 5)

Scope and Contents

Includes remarks at the Downtown Lower Manhattan Association (1992) and remarks and other documents for the Cornell Real Estate Conference 2002).

1992, 2002
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 1 Speeches (Folder 2 of 5)

Scope and Contents

Includes "Against All Odds--Why New York Works," Zuccotti's keynote address before the Toronto Real Estate Forum (2003); multiple copies are found in the following reference/working files suggesting that its themes were commonly drawn on. Also includes a "speech not given" to an unidentified audience (2006).

2004, 2006
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 2 Speeches (Folder 3 of 5)

Scope and Contents

Includes remarks presenting an award to Richard Kahn (2009); at the dedication and unveiling of the America's Response Memorial at the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center (2011); and at a conference "Battery Park City: Coming of Age" (2012) presented by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute.

2009, 2011-2012
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 3 Speeches (Folder 4 of 5)

Scope and Contents

Includes brief remarks to Family Office Exchange; at the Manhattan West launch; and the Veterans' Day wreath-laying (2014).

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 4 Speeches (Folder 5 of 5)

Scope and Contents

Includes remarks for memorial service for Lloyd Kaplan and Zuccotti's introduction of Bronx County Supreme Court Justice John A. Barone at the Rapallo Award ceremony of the Columbian Lawyers Association. Documents for the Barone event include the program, menu, and a letter from Barone apparently in response to a condolence letter from Zuccotti in connection with Barone's mother in which Barone reflects on her life.

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 5-6 Writings (2 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes "Housing Development: Joint Ventures Between Community Non Profit Organizations and Private Developers," co-written with Andrew S. Berkman and published under a different title in the National Law Journal of 7 May 1979; Zuccotti's paper, "A Vision of America's Urban Future," prepared for Columbia's General Education Seminar "The City and the University," with transcript of discussion (1979); "How the Crisis Opened the Door for Management" for the Economic Development Council of New York City (1977); "Impact of New Midtown Zoning on Development" for Vol. 1, No. 1 of the developers' newsletter Developments; untitled articles for ABO Newsletter and Realty (circa 1980); and a "Be Our Guest" column for the  Daily News headlined as "Green shoots at Ground Zero" (2009).

1977-1982, 2009
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 7 Audiotape. "The Lynn & Sy Syms Show" Guest: John Zuccotti

Access Restrictions

The tape is restricted from use because of its fragility.

1997 April 30
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 8 Speech Working Material

Scope and Contents

Includes documents found together in a notebook. In addition to the notebook with notes on urban planning matters, there is an undated essay "The Crisis of Confidence"; an undated essay "Science and the City: Rhetoric and Reality" co-written with James D. Carroll; a program for the 1968 National Housing Center Council's Senior Executives Conference, with Zuccotti's extensive notations; a confirmation of Zuccotti's 1972 appearance on a panel at Citizens Housing & Planning Council; and two loose sheets of notes.

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 9-10 Speech Working File (2 folders)

Scope and Contents

The overall theme of these folders seems to be zoning. The folders include a paper "Impact of New Midtown Zoning on Development," written by Zuccotti while a partner at Tufo & Zuccotti in the early 1980s. Other documents include speeches made by Zuccotti in the mid-1970s while City Planning Commission Chairman; 1967-1968 speeches by HUD officials; a document "A Federal Housing Strategy/A National Urban Policy" sent to Zuccotti from HUD in 1977; a transcript of Zuccotti's comments at an EDC Board of Directors meeting on 14 June 1977; and various notes and outlines for remarks.

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 11 Speech Working File. Fiscal Crisis

Scope and Contents

These documents, dating from the mid-1980s, appear to relate to a speech or article concerning reflections on the fiscal crisis of the mid-1970s. Includes notes "Steps taken before MAC came into existence (June 1975)"; a Comptroller's report "Comparative Analysis of New York City's Financial and Economic Indicators for Second Quarter Fiscal Year 1982"; photocopies of 1985 press clippings; a copy of Jim Sleeper's 1985 article "Ed Koch & the Spirit of the Times," inscribed by Sleeper; a partial draft of an article for the New York Times Magazine; Volume 18, No 3 (1985) of City Almanac,, with articles on the crisis; and Zuccotti's handwritten draft outline/notes "The Fiscal Crisis, 1975-1978."

circa 1982-1985
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 12 Speech Working Material (Folder 1 of 4)

Scope and Contents

Includes loose documents found together in the original collection, mostly handwritten notes for various unidentified remarks and reference material.

circa 1967-1980s
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 13 Speech Working Material (Folder 2 of 4)

Scope and Contents

Includes notes for remarks and reference material, including a paper "Towards an Effective National Housing Policy"; a speech by U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan "Urban Policy Revisited" (1977); a suggested outline from HUD for a paper "Housing in an Urban Strategy" (1977); remarks by HUD Undersecretary Robert Wood (1967); Draft #4 of a paper "A Federal Housing Strategy/A National Urban Policy" (1977); and Zuccotti's notes for his paper "Impact of New Midtown Zoning on Development."

circa 1967-1980s
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 14 Speech Working Material (Folder 3 of 4)

Scope and Contents

Includes two 1983 reports from Program Planners, Inc.: "New York City: Fiscal Issues and the Financial Plan, FY1984," and "Crisis or Stability: New York City's Fiscal Condition." Also includes more handwritten and other notes from Zuccotti originally found within the pages of the Program Planners reports.

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 15 Speech Working Material (Folder 4 of 4)

Scope and Contents

Includes documents related to a forum concerning the Board of Estimate held by the Committee on Municipal Affairs of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, at which Zuccotti was a panelist for the topic "Land Use and Zoning." Includes program, participant list, and various papers on the forum's subject.

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 16-18 Speech Working File (3 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes reference material and documents related to various programs at which Zuccotti spoke. Includes a reprint of the article "Zoning Obscenity: Or, The Moral Politics of Porn" by Norman Marcus (1978); writings by Zuccotti for "Realty" and "ABO Newsletter"; Zuccotti's notes for remarks for a Bar Association panel on the landmarks law; Manhattan Borough President Andrew J. Stein's paper "Beyond New York's Renaissance" and related New York Times opinion pieces (1982); a draft New York Times Magazine article (presumably by Zuccotti); a membership directory and by-laws for the Young Men's Real Estate Association of New York (1981-82); testimony by Queens Borough President Donald R. Manes before the Human Resources Administration and its Advisory Board (1982); an address by U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan "World Trade and World Peace" (1982); Daniel Rose's commencement address for MIT's Center for Real Estate Development (1986); Robert C. Weaver's article "The First Twenty Years of HUD" (1985); Volume 18, No. 4 of City Almanac which focuses on "The Redevelopment of 42nd Street"; a transmittal to Zuccotti from Mayor Edward I. Koch with a response and statistics disputing conclusions in Raymond Horton and Charles Brecher's "Setting Municipal Priorities: 1986" (or "SMP", a source found often in Zuccotti's speech files); notes for Zuccotti's remarks at Manhattan Institute for Policy Research's conference "New York Unbound: The City and the Politics of the Future" (1988);, and remarks by Mayor Koch at a City Planning Commission conference (1988).

circa 1977-1988
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 19A Speech Material

Scope and Contents

Includes Zuccotti's remarks on "neighborhoods" to an audience that included Mayor Beame and Rabbi Sherer; program and rough outline for remarks at a seminar held by the Real Estate Board of New York (1982); and the Citizens Budget Commission report "The City of New York's 1987 Executive Budget: Analysis & Recommendations" (June 1986).

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 19B Speech Material

Scope and Contents

Includes a copy of the September 1992 volume of the American Planning Association's magazine Planning with brief notes from Zuccotti inside.

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 20 Speech File. New York City Partnership

Scope and Contents

Includes a draft article on legislative leadership in New York State (2000), documents regarding Zuccotti's membership in the New York City Partnership (2000), and the program for the 31st annual awards luncheon of the New York Housing Conference and National Housing Conference at which Zuccotti received the Lifetime Achievement Award (2004).

2000, 2004
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 21 Speech Material

Scope and Contents

Includes, among other documents, Zuccotti's article "Against All Odds--Why New York Works" (2003); an invitation card for the retirement party of Sonny Hall, International President of the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO (2004); a New York City Independent Budget Office Fiscal Brief "Comparing State and Local Taxes in Large Cities" (2007); Daniel Rose's remarks "New York--Today and Tomorrow" at the Urban Land Institute (2009); and background statistics and draft speech related to economic troubles (2008).

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 22-24 Speech Material (3 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes Zuccotti's keynote address "Against All Odds--Why New York Works" before the Toronto Real Estate Forum and a shortened version for publication in Real Estate Weekly" (2003), and scattered notes and other documents related to Zuccotti's remarks at the Yale Alumni Real Estate Asociation Conference (2012). Includes some reference material including slides from a PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of Brookfield Asset Management, Inc. (2012) and a marketing booklet for Brookfield Office Properties.

2003, 2010-2012
Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 25 Speech Material

Scope and Contents

Includes background material for a discussion on strategic leadership at a Brookfield management meeting, notes for Zuccotti for an interview at a Brookfield Executive Committee meeting, and preparation notes for Zuccotti's appearance on a panel "The New York City Office Market: Forty Years at Forty Thousand Feet."

Offsite-Box: 8 Folder : 26 Speech File. Lunch at Norwegian Consul General
Offsite-Box: 9 Folder : 1-2 Yale Seminar (2 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes student papers, course outline, and other material related to Zuccotti's seminar taught at Yale Law School "Large-Scale Real Estate Transactions." Also includes general administrative documents such as faculty directories, schedules and bulletin of classes.

Offsite-Box: 9 Folder : 3-4 Columbia Seminar (2 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes the syllabus, readings and other material concerning the Fall 1990 course "Land Use: Regulation and Development" co-taught by Zuccotti and Victor Marrero.

Offsite-Box: 9 Folder : 5 Columbia Seminar
Offsite-Box: 9 Folder : 6-7 Columbia Seminar (2 folders)
Offsite-Box: 10 Folder : 1-4 Columbia Seminar (4 folders)
Offsite-Box: 10 Folder : 5 Columbia Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

Includes a faculty handbook (1987), President's Report (1993-1994) and miscellaneous notes and class readings.

Offsite-Box: 10 Folder : 6-9 Seminar Materials (4 folders)

Scope and Contents

Includes topical outlines and readings for historic preservation, zoning, and other land use topics.


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