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Guide to the James Duane Livingston III Family Papers
 MS 3144

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Collection processed by Joseph Ditta

This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on October 30, 2019
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Scope and Contents

Items in the collection span the years 1718 through 1999 and include

• Assorted documents pertaining to the estate of Robert Cambridge Livingston (1742-1794), indentures and property records of his son, James Duane Livingston (1786-1837), and the title to property belonging to James's son, Charles James Livingston (1821-1871). Includes an early manuscript "Livingston Family Genealogy." (See Series I.)

• Material documenting the ancestry of James Duane Livingston Jr. (1890–1956) and his siblings, Gertrude Channing (Livingston) Kittredge Eaton (1892–1988), and Robert Teviot Livingston (1896–1968). Includes family history narratives, charts, vital records, newspaper obituaries, photographs, and an antique lace handkerchief. (See Series II.)

• Vital, school, and military records of James Duane Livingston Jr. (1890–1956), with two family history narratives by his son. (See Series III.)

• Autobiographical documents of James Duane Livingston III, including a number of grammar and high school report cards, school essays and stories, letters from his first wife, Nancy Lee Clark, and clippings on his career in metallurgy and ceramics research at General Electric. (See Series IV.)

• Additional autobiographical material of James Duane Livingston III, documenting his passion for tennis, his efforts to preserve the Glen Sanders Mansion, a historic house in Scotia, Schenectady County, New York, and his involvement with the Glenville Democratic Committee (also in Schenectady County), and two runs for a Glenville town council seat. (See Series V.)

• Documentation of the German-immigrant ancestry of James Duane Livingston III's mother, Florence Josephine (Boullee) Livingston (1892–1983). Includes a number of baptism, confirmation, and marriage certificates, as well as a series of letters from Friedrich Jugneit (1837–1901) to his daughter, Emily Charlotte (Jugneit) Boullee (1866–1957). With several narratives illustrating the relationships among the Boullee, Engelhardt, Jugneit, and Schmidling families. (Series VI.)

• Biographical documentation of James Duane Livingston III's mother, Florence Josephine (Boullee) Livingston (1892–1983) and her sole sibling, William Henry August Boullee (1894–1955). Includes Florence's baptism and confirmation certificates, her early driver's license, wedding photographs, and awards from the American Legion Auxiliary. William Boullee is represented by a few World War I service records, an end-of-life letter to his sister, and an obituary. (See Series VII.)

A number of James Duane Livingston III's autobiographical and family history narratives scattered throughout the collection shed light on the gathered documents:

• "My Grandparents" [paternal] (Box 1, Folder 16)

• "Ancestors of James Duane Livingston, Jr. (1890-1956), Gertrude Channing Livingston (b. 1892), and Robert Teviot Livingston (1896-1968)" (Box 1, Folder 18)

• "Ancestors and Descendants of James Duane Livingston 1786-1837" (Box 1, Folder 19)

• "Dad" (Box 1, Folder 54)

• "James D. Livingston Jr. (1890-1956) in World War I" (Box 2, Folder 3)

• "Mom & Dad & Me" (Box 2, Folder 13)

• "JDL3 and Tennis" (Box 2, Folder 56)

• "Travels and Travails of Friedrich Jugneit (1837-1901)" (Box 3, Folder 5)

• "My Grandparents" [maternal] (Box 3, Folder 6)

• "Letters from Friedrich [Jugneit]" (Box 3, Folder 16)

• "Wilhelm and Augusta Boullee of New Hamburg, Ontario, and their descendants" (Box 3, Folder 24)


The collection came to the New-York Historical Society in seven three-ring binders assembled by James Duane Livingston III. With minor exceptions (e.g., moving duplicate photographs from front or back binder pockets to join other copies in folders), the original order of the documents has been retained. Livingston supplied distinct titles for each binder, which the archivist has transferred to the following series titles:

Series I
 "Old Family Manuscripts (indentures, estates, etc.)," 1718, 1810-1866
Series II
 "Ancestors & Siblings (Aunt Patsy, Uncle Bob) of James D. Livingston Jr. (1890–1956)," 1872-1999
Series III
 "James Duane Livingston Jr. (1890–1956)," 1889-1999
Series IV
 "James Duane Livingston III (1930–[2019])," part one, 1930-1987
Series V
 "James Duane Livingston III (1930–[2019])," part two, 1965-1970
Series VI
 "Ancestors of Florence Boullee Livingston: Jugneits, Schmidlings, Boullees, Engelhardts," 1786-1999
Series VII
 "Florence Josephine Boullee Livingston (1892–1983) & her brother William H. Boullee (1894–1955)," 1892-1983