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Guide to the Jessica Burstein Photographs and Memorabilia
1940s-2017 (bulk 1970s-2012)
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Collection processed by Larry Weimer

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Container List

Series VI. Various Subjects, 1940s-2017 (bulk 1970s-1990s). 8.1 Linear feet

Scope and Contents

The series holds primarily black and white photographs across a range of subject matter. To a large degree it appears that these photographs date from the 1970s and were likely taken by Burstein in connection with her work as a photographer for NBC. In this context, much of the content includes NBC television sports and news announcers, talk show hosts, TV show actors and actresses, as well as musicians, political figures and events, and others.

The series also holds some photos from before Burstein's time at NBC, including anti-war demonstrations of about 1971. More photos date from the late 1970s and up to 2017, and include various celebrities from the sports, entertainment and literary worlds. There are also sets of photographs of business families, likely done by Burstein on a commission basis. Most of the photographs center on people, but there are a few New York City views. It also seems likely that there are some photographs here from the New York Undercover television series and from Elaine's Restaurant that were not boxed separately by the photographer and were not recognizable as such by the processing archivist.

Because of the broad range of subjects, the container list below includes more specifics as to the content.

In addition to photographs the series includes a few documents, mostly related to Burstein's photo assignments. These include a small number of NBC call sheets and cast lists; similar documents related to the filming of John Cassavetes's movie "Gloria"; and teletypes reporting the resignation of Richard Nixon from the presidency.

Finally, the series holds various items of memorabilia, including tee shirts and political and other pins.


The series is arranged first by format: photographs, followed by documents and memorabilia.

The photographs are arranged by subject matter. When presented to N-YHS most of the photographs in this series were in no particular order. The processing archivist arranged them into categories and particular subjects. The sequence as see in the container list below is roughly as follows: NBC photographs specifically identified as such by Burstein; NBC telecasts and on-air personalities; political matters (demonstrations, conventions, activists, politicians); sports figures; entertainers; business, literary and other figures; and miscellaneous portraits, street scenes, etc.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 24 NBC Studios Photographs (8x10)

Scope and Contents

7 historical photos from NBC: the National Broadcasting Company Election Chart of 1948, showing Dewey conceding at 11:12 AM, with NBC tabulators; John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon debate of 1960 (2); Bud Abbott and Lou Costello on a NBC radio broadcast; Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra on a NBC radio broadcast; Howdy Doody puppet and show, circa 1957 (2).

Box: 24 NBC Studios Photographs (8x10)

Scope and Contents

Photos released by NBC dating from the 1970s, which were presumably taken by Burstein. Information from the NBC Press Department is included with each photo, which relate to upcoming NBC-TV shows. All are 7x9 inches, black and white. Shows represented include:

1974: actress Audrey Landers of "Somerset"; Rita Moreno at Nathan's of Coney Island for a "Go" segment; Freddie Prinze of "Chico and the Man" in Washington Heights; birth of a baby for a "Go" segment; several photos related to the 3-hour news special "Of Women and Men" dealing with the transformation in their social and cultural relationships.

1975: Lee Richardson as Jonathan Edwards in "A Gathering of One"; announcers Bobby Riggs and Julie Heldman and women tennis players in connection with the Family Circle Cup; Iman for a "Weekend" segment.

1976: Richard Chamberlain in "The Man in the Iron Mask."

1977: Annette O'Toole and Richard Crenna in "The War Between the Tates"; Paul Simon for a music special; Shirley Jo Finney and Cicely Tyson in "Wilma"; Robert Powell and others in "The Four Feathers."

1978: Various scenes from "Black Beauty"; Cicely Tyson and Paul Winfield portraying Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King, Jr., in "King."

1979: Louis Gossett Jr. and others in "Lawman Without a Gun."

Box: 19 NBC-TV Miniseries "King"

Scope and Contents

Photos of Paul Winfield, Cicely Tyson and others on set of film concerning Martin Luther King, Jr.

circa 1978
Box: 19 NBC-TV News & Sports Announcers & Guests

Scope and Contents

Ed Newman, John Chancellor, David Brinkley, Barbara Walters, Chuck Scarborough, Joe Garagiola, Tim Ryan, Tom Snyder (including one on top of "30 Rock"), and others, with guests Henry Kissinger and others.

Box: 19 Frank Field (meteorologist) & Winston the Weather Dog
circa 1976
Box: 19 Johnny Carson
circa 1970s
Box: 19 Jimmy Carter & Barbara Walters

Scope and Contents

Mostly behind the scenes shots of Carter sitting on floor chatting with Walters and her daughter. Also a photo of Carter's wife, Rosalynn, with Cornelia Wallace.

Box: 19 Anti-War Protests (including Vietnam)
circa 1971
Box: 25 Anti-Nuclear Arms/Disarmament Rally, New York City
Box: 19 Protests & Political Statements (other than anti-war)

Scope and Contents

Photographs of various demonstrations on political matters (against Rockefeller drug laws, for George Wallace for president, March on Hunger, free political prisoners, against George W. Bush, and others). Some images appear to be related to political protest though this is not explicit nor certain.

Box: 19 Activists

Scope and Contents

Julian Bond*, Ralph Abernathy*, Ramsey Clark*, Jane Fonda, Betty Friedan, Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King, Ralph Nader*, Gloria Steinem. *Some of these photos appear to have been taken in the context of NBC programs, specifically the miniseries "King" and "Saturday Night Live" (SNL).

Box: 19 Democratic Conventions

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of individual delegates, general convention floor shots, candidates/political figures, and candidate or protest signage.

Box: 19 New York Political Figures

Scope and Contents

Karen Burstein (photographer's sister, running for office), Beatrice Burstein (photographer's mother and NY Supreme Court Justice), Shirley Chisholm, Abe Beame, Mario Cuomo, Basil Patterson, Herman Badillo, John Lindsay (at Earl Wilson birthday party), Ed Koch, Bella Abzug, and other local judges and officials.

Box: 19 Political Figures Other than New York

Scope and Contents

Edmund Muskie, John Tunney, George McGovern, Lloyd Bentsen, Bill Bradley, Tip O'Neill (one with Hugh Carey), Scoop Jackson, John Lewis, Gene McCarthy, George Wallace, Richard Daley, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Sandra Day O'Connor, Yitzhak Rabin.

Box: 20 Sports Figures: Baseball, Boxing

Scope and Contents

Reggie Jackson, George Steinbrenner, Yogi Berra, Willie Mays (with Mets), Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, Jose Torres, Muhammad Ali (and with Bill White).

circa 1980s-2000s
Box: 20 Sports Figures: Basketball

Scope and Contents

Wilt Chamberlain, Patrick Ewing

circa 1990s
Box: 20 Sports Figures: Tennis

Scope and Contents

Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, Bobby Riggs, Stan Smith, Arthur Ashe, John McEnroe

circa 1970s
Box: 20 Marlon Brando
circa 1979
Folder: FF-3 Marlon Brando

Scope and Contents Note

Approx 20x22, signed, on foamcore. Unframed by Alan Balicki, April 2018.

Box: 20 Red Buttons
circa 1970s
Box: 20 Cast Photographs: "Saturday Night Live" (SNL)

Scope and Contents

John Belushi, Steve Martin, Gilda Radner, Lily Tomlin, Ralph Nader, Julian Bond, Chevy Chase, Laraine Newman, George Carlin, Paul Simon

circa 1970s
Box: 20 Cast Photographs: Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

Lou Gossett ("Lawman without a Gun)?; Tony Bennett & Cicely Tyson (("King"?); Dean Martin Comedy Hour; Aida Turturro & Tom Conti ("Wright Verdicts", 1995); Meryl Streep & James Woods ("Holocaust" miniseries, 1978).

circa 1978-1995
Box: 20 Bill Cosby
circa 1970s
Box: 20 Jacques D'Amboise

Scope and Contents

Dancing poses with unidentified woman.

circa 1970s?
Box: 25 Senta Driver
circa 1980
Box: 20 Doug Henning & Julie Newmar
Box: 20 Gladys Knight & Tom T. Hall
Box: 20 Jerry Lewis
circa 1970s
Folder: FF-2 Bruce Morrow ("Cousin Brucie") Montage
circa 1970s
Box: 25 Hugh O'Brian Hosting "Model of the Year" Contest
Box: 20 Bert Parks & Phyllis George

Scope and Contents

Miss America Pageant co-hosts

Box: 20 Freddie Prinze
circa 1976
Box: 25 Don Rickles (and others). Award Ceremony (8x10)
Box: 20 Paul Simon and others

Scope and Contents

Photographs of Paul Simon taken over time. Also includes Simon with Art Garfunkel, and Garfunkel alone; with Chevy Chase; with George Harrison; and with Phoebe Snow.

Box: 25 Tommy Tune
Box: 20 Harry Winston. 80th Birthday Party
Box: 20 Wolfman Jack
circa 1970s
Box: 20 Entertainers/Entertainment Industry. Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

One or two photographs of: Desi Arnaz, Pierce Brosnan, James Brown (singer), Tony Bennett, George Benson, Roscoe Lee Brown, Scatman Crothers, Paddy Chayefsky, Mariska Hargitay, Faye Dunaway, Leon Fleicher, Rosemary Harris, James Earl Jones (1983), Alan King, Rich Little, Keb Mo, Randy Newman, Chris Noth, Billy Preston, Tony Roberts, Nipsey Russell, Brooke Shields, Sissy Spacek, Abe Vigoda, Jon Voight, Forrest Whitaker (1999).

Box: 25 Entertainers/Entertainment Industry. Miscellaneous (8x10)

Scope and Contents

Tom T. Hall, George Edwards (game show host), The Four Tops, Al Green, Sue Lyon, Donny and Marie Osmond, Rita Moreno, Melvin Van Peebles, cast of TV-show "Muggsy"

circa 1970s
Box: 20 Publicity Pieces. Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

Stri-Dex ad; 4 stills from a video about baseball (fans); demo montage of portraits for Harry Walker Agency.

circa 1970s-2000s
Box: 25 Publicity Pieces. Miscellaneous (8x10)

Scope and Contents

Montage for celebration for benefit chairwoman Kitty Ault (1987), cast of "How to Pick Up Girls" (1979); Marsha Mason and Neil Simon in "Only When I Laugh": Frederick's of Hollywood (1970s).

Folder: FF-3 John Cage

Scope and Contents Note

Approx 18x25, signed, on foamcore. Unframed by Alan Balicki, April 2018.

Box: 21 Truman Capote
circa 1979
Box: 21 Tom Carvel (ice cream franchise business)
Box: 21 Nicholas D'Agostino and Sons (supermarket business)
Box: 21 Eileen Ford & Family (Ford Modeling Agency)
circa 1980s?
Box: 21 Sam Goody & Sons (music retail business)
circa 1980s
Box: 25 Ironworkers on Park Avenue Waiting for Jobs
Box: 25 Kennedy Airport Chaplain
Box: 20 Norman Mailer. 50th Birthday Party
Box: 21 Ned Moran & Son (Moran Towing)

Scope and Contents

On company tugboat

circa 1980s
Box: 21 LeRoy Neiman
circa 1970s-1994
Box: 25 Paris Review Party
Box: 21 Sardi Family (restaurateurs)
Box: 21 Charles Scribner & Son (publishing business)
circa 1970s
Box: 21 Identified Portraits. Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

One or two photographs of: Douglas Adams (author), Sarah Bone? (Lakota Sioux), Kofi Annan, Bartholomew I (Archbishop of Constantinople), Art Buchwald, Judd Burstein (photographer's brother), Barbara Gordon (author), Elizabeth Griffin, Billy Graham, Pete Hamill, Charles Kipps (producer), Lewis Lapham, J.W. Marriott, Marsha Norman, Tillie Sobel (photographer's grandmother), John Sculley, Paul Stewart family (clothiers), Rex Reed, Salman Rusdie, William Styron, Gay and Nan Talese walking outside Donohue's Steak House (autographed by both, 2017), Taki Theodoracopulos (journalist, 1995),Donald Trump (2, color, one at desk, one at new Yankee Stadium?, circa 2000s), Carl Bernstein (journalist, 1980).

circa 1970s-2017
Box: 21 Unidentified Portraits

Scope and Contents

Includes several photographs of individuals that were not identified during processing, but seem likely to be identifiable.

circa 1970s-1990s
Box: 21 New York City Street Scenes

Scope and Contents

General views of people, buildings, views. Those that are particularly identifiable or captioned are: view from upper floor of New Yorker Hotel; South Bronx man; Pan Am building; corner of Madison avenue and East 65th street; Coney Island giant lollipop vendor; two Central Park in winter (color), including one of ice skating with Christo's Gates in background; buildings at corner of Amsterdam avenue and West 72nd street.

Box: 21 Portraits and Views. Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

Several photographs of people, objects, views, etc. that are not identifiable or that appear to be from outside New York City.

Box: 21 Animals
circa 1970s?-2000s
Box: 32 Folder : 2-3 Various Subjects (Flat box, 2 folders)

Scope and Contents

Two matted photographs: Jessica Burstein self-portrait with Arthur Ashe (1975), and Wilt Chamberlain (1997); both unframed by Alan Balicki, April 2018. Other photographs 22x17 inches, generally identical or similar to those in smaller sizes above. SPORTS: Wilt Chamberlain (1997); POLITICAL: Sandra Day O'Connor; ENTERTAINMENT: Tony Bennett, Marlon Brando, James Brown, Faye Dunaway, Jon Secada; WRITERS: Truman Capote, Norman Mailer Party, William Styron, Gay & Nan Talese; ANIMALS: Dog in blanket on Madison avenue (2006); NYC Scenes: Sculpture at World Trade Center (1980s), ice skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park, Christo's "Gates" in background (2005).

Box: 31 Folder : 3 Poster: "Judge Karen Burstein for Attorney General"

Scope and Contents Note

From Democratic primary campaign. Approx 18x23.

Box: 28 Folder : 6 Document. "Stop the Draft" Rally Flyer
Box: 28 Folder : 7 Documents. President Richard Nixon Resignation

Scope and Contents

Photographs of television screens with the broadcast of Nixon's resignation and Gerald Ford and wife after swearing-in ceremony. Also teletype reports of resignation from Helen Thomas (UPI), Janet Staihar (AP), Gene Carlson, and others unattributed.

Box: 28 Folder : 8 Documents. NBC Films. Call Sheets & Cast/Crew Info

Scope and Contents

Call sheet and set scene summary for "Lawman Without a Gun"; Call sheet and crew/cast lists for "The Four Feathers"; call sheet for "Black Beauty"; and notes from a meeting that appear to be related to union contract negotiations.

Box: 28 Folder : 9 Documents. Film "Gloria" / "One Summer Night"

Scope and Contents

Call sheets, publicity images, final cast list, staff & crew list, "American Film" magazine with related article, and newsletter for Local 644 of the International Photographers of the Motion Picture Industries. Film was released as "Gloria," but working title was "One Summer Night."

Box: 30 Memorabilia. Tee Shirts & Skull Cap

Scope and Contents

17 T-shirts: 4 related to the NBC network (Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack; union strikers' shirt; NBC sports/Jets; NBC logo). 6 related to political matters (Bobby Sands, 1954-81, "I have the spirit of freedom"; Solidarnosc/Solidarity; Karen Burstein for Congress; Carol Bellamy for Council President; anti-nuclear bombs (12 June 1982); "The Arkansas Party 1992" [Bill Clinton campaign]). 7 others ("New York Undercover"; Fire Department; "Have Fun with People" [magazine]; page from real estate section of New York Post (12 June 1987); Hands Across America (25 May 1986); American Bicentennial; International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600). 1 skullcap labeled "Obama '08"

Box: 26 Memorabilia. Pins, ID Cards, etc.

Scope and Contents

About 25 campaign pins for Beatrice Burstein for judicial positions and Karen Burstein for state senator and Congress (many duplicates).

Jessica Burstein NBC employee ID card (1975); cigarette lighter with NBC sports logo; National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Pin and luggage tag.

About 17 Presidential campaign pins (JFK, LBJ, McCarthy, McGovern, Carter, anti-George H.W. Bush, Dukakis, Kerry, Obama).

About 18 pins related to other political campaigns from New York City and state (Lowenstein, Abzug, Goodell, O'Dwyer, Bellamy, others). 3 pins related to political campaigns generally (1980, 1992, undated).

About 12 pins concerning anti-war (some refer to or imply Vietnam) and disarmament/anti-nuclear weapons.

4 pins concerning women's rights.

6 pins concerning various issues, some obscure: "Free Joe Doherty," March on Hunger; first Earth Day (1970); "Enough," "Where is Ken Starr when you need him?" "I love a clean New York"

10 pins on various subjects: Nashville souvenir; "Godzilla vs. Megalon"; "Z: He lives"; "Do it in Kentucky"; ICP exhibition; "Chico and the Man" TV show; NBC 1973; movie "Silver City"; "Meet the Press"; World's Fair key chain tag.

4 Shell Oil Company lapel pins/tie tacks.

circa 1960-2010
Box: 28 Folder : 10 Memorabilia. Adlai Stevenson Campaign Pin

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