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Guide to the Time Inc. Time Publishing and Business Records
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Container List

Series II. Advertising Promotion Department Records, 1936-1969. 6.2 Linear feet in 6 record cartons, 1 flat box

Biographical / Historical

The Advertising Promotion Department promoted the magazine to appeal to advertisers, although this department is separate from the Advertising Sales Department.

Scope and Contents

The Advertising Promotion Department Records contain files from Promotion Director Robert Fisler, Executive Promotion Director Dave Aubrey, Promotion Director Richard Coffey, and assistant to the director Alan Martin. The records document this department's efforts to attract advertisers, market testing, and presentations to the advertising sales staff.

To see a list of advertising campaigns in Time magazine from 1923 to 1971, see the  Time Advertising Promotion series in Time Inc. Index Cards (MS 3009-RG 4).


Organized into two subseries:

Subseries II.A. Promotion Director Robert Fisler Files

Subseries II.B. Promotion Director: General Files

Subseries II.A. Promotion Director Robert Fisler Files, 1936-1968. 5 Linear feet in 5 record cartons

Biographical / Historical

According to his files and the department head lists, Robert "Bob" Fisler was in the Corporate Circulation Department as an assistant to Time Promotion Writer William Baring-Gould prior to 1950. From 1950 to 1955 he was in  Time Circulation as the Promotion Manager. From 1956 to 1961 he was in  Time Advertising Promotion as the Promotion Manager, the top role in the department. By 1962, his title had changed to Promotion Director while still remaining the top role. One of his duties was writing the copy in the circulation promotion mailings.

A letter in his 1959 Personal folder refers to him as the Sports Illustrated Promotion Director, and his records contain some  Sports Illustrated materials. He may have briefly done side work for at this publication. In 1966 he moved to  Life Promotion as the Promotion Director.

Scope and Contents

Fisler's files span the period he was employed at Time through his transition to   Life. The majority of his office files are from  Time. Although there are records from both of his roles the Circulation Department and the Advertising Promotion Department, his files were not separated as such, and this series is listed under his later position with Advertising Promotion.

Originally his files were loosely separated into a mixture of office files from Time and  Life, speech files, personal files which contain both personal and business correspondence, and material from his aunt's company St. John Associates Inc.


Organized into three subsubseries:

Subsubseries II.A.1. Office Files

Subsubseries II.A.2. Personal Files

Subsubseries II.A.3. Speech Files

Subsubseries II.A.1. Office Files, 1952-1968. 1.5 Linear feet in 2 record cartons

Scope and Contents

Office Files include copy for the promotion mailings; notes on his own speeches and speeches collected by Fisler; responses to Fisler sending out books from the Time Reading Program; planning for a business trip to Japan for advertising market research; some records from his predecessor Advertising Promotion Director Nick Samstag, possibly inherited; and work assigned to him by Time Publisher Bernard Auer to assist Williams College with their alumni fund. Additional Williams College material is in the Personal Files. Some materials on  Life date from before he transferred roles.


Organized alphabetically.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 1 American Alumni Council
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 2-3 Asia Newstour (Southeast Asia?) Binder
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 4-5 Aspen Insitute for Humanistic Studies: Executive Program
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 6 Congratulatory Messages
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 7 Ivy Alumni Network: Analysis of 1965 Mail Response
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 8 Ivy League Schools: "Ivied Tower of Babel"
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 9-10 Japan Trip
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 11-13 Life Ideas
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 14-15 Life Space Tours

Scope and Contents

The Life Space Tour was similar to the Time newstours of the United States, but were specific to space installations such as NASA and the U.S. Air Force bases. Guests included executives of America's leading consumer goods corporations. The purpose was to give the executives a complete understanding of why the space program is so complex, expensive, and rewarding to the country.

Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 16 Life Sales Convention
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 17 New York State Citizens Committee for Public Schools
Offsite-Box: 3126 Folder : 18-19 Philosophical Memoranda
Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 1 "Pursuit of Excellence" Theme
Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 2-3 Time 1960 Review
Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 4 Time Strategic Advertising Box Set
Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 5-6 2000 Word Memoranda

Scope and Contents

This was an invitation to everyone in the department to send in a 2000 word memo on the subject of "What is TIME's most important promotion selling need at the moment?"

Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 7-8 Williams College

Subsubseries II.A.2. Personal Files, 1936-1966. 2.5 Linear feet in 3 record cartons

Scope and Contents

Personal Files include folders titled "Personal" which are a mix of personal bills and correspondence and business correspondence and memoranda; files on Fisler's banking and club memberships; and files on St. John Associates Inc., a direct mail service in Manhattan owned by his aunt Helen V. Fisler. St. John Associates files include newsletters, ad cards, and client mass mailings which may be personal collecting on a family business or may be materials he used to assist him in his own job. It isn't clear if St. John Associates and Time Inc. had a business relationship in the 1950s and 1960s, but the Time Education Program used them as one of their mail services in the 1970s.


Organized alphabetically with general files at the front.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 9 General through '55
Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 10-11 General '55

Scope and Contents

Includes two dummies for Sports Illustrated from 1953 and 1954.

Offsite-Box: R26 General '55 [RESTRICTED]
Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 12 General '56
Offsite-Box: 3127 Folder : 13-14 General '59

Scope and Contents

Includes his telephone book listing contacts.

Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 1 General '59
Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 2 General 1961
Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 3 General 1962
Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 4-6 General

Scope and Contents

Includes portrait photographs of Fisler and photographs of him at work events.

Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 7-8 Bonnie Briar Country Club
Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 9 Hundred Million Club
Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 10 Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company
Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 11 Royal National Bank of New York

Scope and Contents

Includes account books from East River Savings Bank and Flatbush Federal Savings and Loan Association of Brooklyn.

Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 12-13 Sleepy Hollow Country Club
Offsite-Box: 3128 Folder : 14-17 St. John Associates Inc.

Scope and Contents

The folders for 1958-1963 have extensive Williams College promotional material which may have been misfiled from the Williams College files.

Offsite-Box: 3129 St. John Associates Inc.
Offsite-Box: R26 Taxes [RESTRICTED]

Subsubseries II.A.3. Speech Files, 1952-1965. 1 Linear feet in 1 record carton

Scope and Contents

Speeches include copies of speeches given by Fisler along with collected copies of speeches given by others. Speeches were on the topics of sales, advertising, and marketing, and audiences included staff from various Time Inc. publications and attendees of national sales conventions, university events, and advertising clubs and associations. This subseries includes several speeches by Time Inc. president Roy Larsen.

The 1955 file contains a speech by Advertising Promotion Director Nicholas Samstag on the topic of "Time's Greatest Promotion Asset."


Organized chronologically.

Container 1     Title Date
Offsite-Box: 3130 Speeches

Subseries II.B. Promotion Director: General Files, 1957, 1966-1969. 1.2 Linear feet in 1 record carton, 1 flat box

Scope and Contents

Records are a mix of files from Advertising Promotion Executive Promotion Director Dave Aubrey, Promotion Director Richard Coffey, and assistant to the director Alan Martin.


Organized alphabetically.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 1-5 Art Directors of Advertising Agencies Contest
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 6-9 Editorial Presentation
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 10 45th Anniversary Presentation Research
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 11 Ideas
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 12 Keep New York Cool
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 13 Lincoln Center
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 14 Lists: General
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 15 Lists: Past Promotion Pieces
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 16 Lists: Meeting with Young & Rubicam
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 17 Omnibus VI: Volume II: "The Staff of Life" Script
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 18 Print Presentation
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 19-20 Sales Presentation
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 21 Sales Refresher Sessions
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 22 Time Audio Edition Proposal and Market Testing
Offsite-Box: 1788 Time's Group Graffiti Contest: Invitation Booklet
Offsite-Box: 3013 Folder : 23 Time-Life International Informal History

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